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I’m a recovering consumerist. 

My consumerism was taught to me by societal noise (I scored an A+) however, over the last few years I am discovering every day my growing love of a simpler life, a homely home, good nourishing food, wise money habits, good clean fun, growing food, stealth frugality and excellent home cooking. Above all, I am learning to be content.

You’d think I would be totally content already given that I have raised 5 smart sassy daughters, flourished in a marriage that has survived and thrived through 30 plus years, built a great career as a public servant in the health sector, traveled the world ….. but no, contentment does not come naturally to me. Contentment, it turns out, is a daily choice for me.

We live in the Australia in the beautiful eastern Lake Macquarie district on the eastern seaboard of New South Wales (NSW) very close to Newcastle city. It has excellent rainfall, temperate weather, great infrastructure and has the feel of a regional area whilst still being one of Australia’s largest non-capital cities.

I started writing House Of Simple several years ago then closed that original blog, subsequently writing Mr Homemaker and Papa’s Pennies. However, it is time to bring back the original House Of Simple ….. so here we are.

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I still blog occasionally over at Papa's Pennies on mainly money and investing subjects if you are interested.

Take care and stay nice!

Thanks heaps folks



  1. Love reading all your posts. Sets the mind a thinkinh.Definitely the little things in lifr.

    1. ....glad you are enjoying it and that it is creating some new thoughts for you.


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