Our Solar System - One Year On


Hi folks

Well, we have had our solar system operational for one year now - time for an update.

All in all we have been very happy and the results have exceeded expectations.

Here is a breakdown of the system basics

  • 33 panels - half facing NE and the other half facing NW due to a quadruple gabled roofline
  • 10.5kw potential output system
  • System supplied and installed by Econnect 
  • Current power plan through AGL Solar Savers

How much money did it save in Bills?

Normally, our electricity bill would about $300 per month  ($3600 per year)

After one full year, we have paid a total of $84.56 for electricity. (I can hardly believe it!)

2021 Monthly Bills

Jan - $1.68
Feb - $37.21
March - Credit of $40.38
April - $64.77
May - $154.24
June - $154.67
July - $23.45
August - Credit of $56.27
Sept - Credit of $54.04
Oct - Credit of $5.73
Nov - Credit of $39.35
Dec - Credit of $155.39

Honestly, we have not even tried hard to save electricity (although I always go around turning off lights - that's just me).  We leave both big airconditioners on low all night if it's hot, we use the dryer when we want to, we use appliances whenever it suits us. Imagine the bill credits we would be in if we optimised our usage to coincide with the sun!.

The Econnect folk have been super helpful (I'm a chronic question asker and worrier) and I cannot fault the product thus far. Econnect even went into battle for me with the local energy authority when they stuffed up details about the meter board and connection process - Econnect sorted it for us.

We decided to pay for the whole system upfront as this was more cost effective for us, but we still got the NSW state grant off the full price. We opted not to go with batteries at this point as the technology was still too pricey and the math did not add up for us (your mileage may differ)

All in all, we are pretty chuffed.  Spending money on this solar system installation has really moved the dial for us - I don't mind spending money when it moves the dial.

Then there is the environmental benefit - I'm not sure how to actually measure that, even though our little solar system app measured it in tons of coal saved and trees planted - maybe a dubious measure?

Take care and stay nice!



  1. excellent update. our solar system is being putting in this month!

  2. Hi Phil,
    I'm wondering what your set up costs were? We are in Victoria. Do they have a similar scheme to New South Wales? I am a solar newbie!
    Thanks, Tracy

  3. Apologies - my normal reply button is not working
    Sol: It's so exciting when a new system goes in - keep us posted!
    Tracy: We paid $9900 for the biggest system we could install on 1 phase. I did a quick search for Victorian rebates - here is a potential starting point for you here https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/key-dates-solar-homes

  4. Thanks Phil. Much appreciated.


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