Video Tour of Our Garden Work


Hi Folks

I did a short video this morning of the work we have done down the side of the house, the back patio and the back yard. It used to be a weedy, stinking, muddy mess with rotting wooden fences and out-of-control ivy.

I have posted this video on the House Of Simple Facebook page.  

Simply go to FB and search for House of Simple and it will come up. 

If you don't have a FB account, that's OK, you can still easily access the video - just copy & paste this link into your search bar and the FB page should come up, then click on the latest video, turn your sound on and you should be all good to go.

My superior videography skills and high energy monologue will astound you (Baa haa - not!).

I'm not confident about posting videos here on Blogger, so all videos will be posted on Facebook.

Here is a link to House of Simple Facebook page HERE if the search instruction above do not work.


Take care and stay nice



  1. Hello! I came here from your YouTube page, I saw you commented on Becky's Homestead the video about how to quit your job and live debt free. I was wondering 4 years later how this went for you? I am starting my journey now! Hope to hear back from you, I will be subscribing to your blog! Thanks ✌🏽

    1. Hi Charleen. We have done very well indeed. Mrs is now retired successfully and I am not too far behind :-). I post mainly on Instagram and Facebook these days


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