One Day Perhaps


Hi everyone

I’m tired today and when I’m tired I like to think about things I’m looking forward to in the future.

Here’s a list of things I look forward to being able to do, one day ….. one day ….. one day:


·       Rising everyday naturally without an alarm

·       Road tripping on a whim

·       Learning French polishing

·       Having a long quiet morning routine in the garden before breakfast

·       Taking a leisurely daily homemade breakfast either on the front or back patio

·       Only having to look at emails once a day (in the same way as I deal with daily snail mail)

·       Cooking, washing, housekeeping for only two people

·       Doing the weekend on any day of the week

·       Volunteering during the day

·       Finding a secret picnic spot for Mrs and I

·       Getting eye laser surgery (eeeep!)

·       Not being bound by hours and minutes

·       Reading till day break

·       Gardening in the moonlight

·       Toast, tea & a chat at midnight

·       Writing my grimoire of life learnings, formulas, concepts and paradigm shifts (Dad’s book)

·       Having house guests at any time for any reason

·       Working with zero correlation to money

·       Spending time in the workshop on projects whenever I like

·       Sharing work shed space with Mrs (we have this idea of dividing up the work shed with his/her sides with a potbelly stove and old armchairs in the middle)

·       Converting my office room into a library/study

·       Finishing the vegetable garden area and planting fruit trees

·       Finding a secret camping spot for Mrs and I

·       Doing a final big cull of ‘stuff’

·       Becoming a qualified financial counsellor


But hey, it’s best I don’t wish my life away too quick!


Take care and stay nice



  1. I like a lot of those items on your one day list...some of them are definitely on mine too!

    1. Fingers crossed I'll be able to start in earnest with many of them in about 3 years once I have reached my F.I. number

  2. Love your list...I learnt French Polishing about 30 years ago when you could do an adult evening course at TAFE for $5 for the 8 week sister also did it after me back then. You could also leave your big piece of furniture there for the 8 weeks.

    1. Gee - I don't think TAFE in my area offer that service. My mum did French polishing and I've always loved it.

  3. Try and start doing something now Phil, don’t leave it all for the future. X

    1. I'm running out of hours in the day whilst I'm still working - but yes, you're right of course.

  4. Don't wish your life away Phil! I haven't used an alarm in years. My body is used to the 5am rises and I do that 7 days a week. I take my four legged friend for a leisurely 5 km walk and then enjoy my coffee on the Patio overlooking my beautiful garden before starting work at 6.30am. Just start doing some of these things!

    1. You are right Francesca - I'll have to re-prioritize so I can live in the moment more.


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