Cults - Are You In One?


Hi folks

Consumerism spreads us so very thin, keeping us thoroughly committed to its ideals and brazenly grooms our loyalty in return for whatever it pre-determines our heart's desire should be. Consumerism demands our full commitment every single day from the very day our parents conceived us right through until our children bury us. Sounds pretty much like a cult to me.

Here are some hallmarks of a cult - and it sounds like an exact match against our consumerist society to me:

  •   Zealous commitment to a leader - (what product is trending lately and leading the market?)
  •   Questioning is discouraged even punished - (try 'fitting in' as a fugalista! - Shunning alert!)
  •   Mind altering repetitive practices - (dopamine addiction to shopping both physical and virtual)
  •   Dictates how members should think, act and feel - (1000's of advertising images do the trick)
  •   Members are elitist  - (driving the latest tin god on wheels yet? Is that three year old kitchen updated yet?)
  •   Reduced societal accountability - (who's approving all these loans and credit cards anyway?)
  •   Shame, fear or guilt inflicted on non-conformers - (your life will be meaningless without widget XYZ)
  •   Loyal members cannot function or imagine being outside of the cult - (I would rather die than be seen wearing/driving that....cannot live without my eat what?)
  •   Expectation to devote inordinate amounts of time to group activities - (checked out a Westfield car park lately? Could you even find a park?)
  •   Total financial commitment expected and encouraged  - (spent your entire pay this week shopping? Never mind, get a payday loan)
  •   Laws preventing members from acts of normalcy - (your backyard vegetable garden is illegal in this zip code Ms Jones)
  •   The altering of facts and withholding of information (product labels.....contract small type.....this will make you look 10 years younger/100 pounds lighter)

Consumerism makes the proverbial Moonies pale into insignificance when it comes to cultish hallmarks and behaviours.  No doubt about it, consumerism is a dangerous and addictive cult which has the best part of the western world thoroughly duped by its ideologies and totally emotionally invested in its promises.  Sadly, most developing countries are frothing at the mouth to also become fully committed consumerist societies too - a dubious goal.

Admittedly, it is plain hard work battling and dodging the western world's biggest and most powerful cult, especially when a certain degree of involvement is required for most of us - tricky hey?

We need to pluck up the courage to just walk away from this cult folks and keep hold of those hard-earned coins that we have swapped for irretrievable hours of our precious lives.

Take care folks and ..... step away from the Kool-Aid.



  1. You had me at 'cult', Phil! I had to smile at the words, "Could you even find a park?" I don't have trouble finding a park in the large country town I live in. What I do have trouble with is actually finding my car as it's so small the other humungous cars completely obscure it! When I was teaching in a private school I often thought my car had been stolen as I just couldn't see it behind all of the other behemoths until I was right next to it.

    My car was made in 2007 and the paint is looking very much the worse for wear (for lack of a car port). I did have a moment of wondering should I be embarrassed by how shabby it is. Then I remembered that the mechanic said it still has many good years left in it and smiled about all of the money I'm saving by not needing to upgrade.


  2. Stick with that faithful old car Madeleine - it's nearly always cheaper to fix the old one than buy a new one by far.


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