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Hi folks

I'm just posting today to show you just how affordable cigarettes really are. 

The math is truly compelling.

Let's use a pack-a-day smoker using a 20 pack of cigarettes for our case study.

Calculating Cheap Cigarettes

An average pack of 20 cigarettes costs about $35 (in Australia)

That equates to only $245 per week

That's just $12740 a year.

Just for fun, here is the mathematical calculation of what a smoker could have had  if they popped that $35 per day into a simple, boring, indexed investment account across the course of their working life ..... like so:-

$35 per day

40 years - (from aged 20 to 60 - a normal Australian's working life)

Invested into a boring simple index fund returning an average of 7% per year, this $35 per day would amount to $2,670,000.00 at age 60.

I wonder if $2.6 million would be useful at aged 60 for anyone?

Should I redo the calculations for a 40 pack maybe ..... would that help?

So yeah, click here for cheap cigarettes.

Take care and stay nice.



  1. I have never smoked, did try but hated it! It must be hard to stop but what a nice ‘pay packet’ if you can.

    1. The trick would be to put the equivalent away once you quit - therein lies the challenge

  2. My father smoke for over 60 years before they killed him. Twenty years before he died, he was in poor health. The money he wasted! He would have saved so much and lived. Plus, he ruined my lungs with his smoking in house, car, everywhere.

    1. That tough. I hear this story over and over too. Exactly what happened with a close relative of ours too. It's an ill wind (smoke) that blows no good. Nevertheless, I am very sympathetic to just how difficult a habit it is to break too.

  3. Oh you’re a funny guy!😂
    That’s a really nice reward for not smoking but investing instead.

    1. Yes it is a nice reward - the challenge is actually putting that equivalent money aside.

  4. Good work! I may have to print this out for all my patients! Pretty powerful. LOve the link for cheap cigarettes!

    1. Thanks Doc - I wondered if anyone would click that link !


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