A New Kitchen Sink


Hi folks

I've had a hatred of kitchen sinks over the years - you know, too big, too small, too wide, too shallow, too deep, too this, too that (eye roll). Mostly I hate just how much space sinks take up in a kitchen and how non-versatile they are.

So, when we recently installed our new forever-kitchen, I was determined to find the perfect kitchen sink (well, perfect for us anyway).  I was psyched up for a long road of comparison and research. However the reality was quite the opposite.

It all happened the day we went to buy a fridge that was on special at our local Harvey Norman and as the salesperson was fluffing around with the paperwork (why does paperwork take so long?) Mrs and I wandered over to the kitchen sink display .... and there it was. Boom. Just like that.

We immediately realised at first sight that this was the kitchen sink we had been vaguely wishing for our whole lives and there it was, on sale heavily discounted and the last one in stock.

So instead of rattling on any more about it, I'll let the pictures do the talking .....

Two nice deep sinks with the outlets right up the
back. No drainers either side and an adjustable tap

An insertable deep wire basket (on rubber feet)
perfect for washing salads, fruits and course
straining. This fits perfectly in either sink.

A draining cover that fits on either sink and has 
drain holes that run into the sink (more on this later)
It has a neat rubber seal to prevent
scratching and rattling

An insertable colander. This is great for normal 
straining of boiled veggies or pasta but it has
other uses too .....

An insertable chopping board. This 
allows us to chop up food goods and
slide the scraps straight into the colander.
It's sealed bamboo wood and interlocks
perfectly into the colander using a
tongue and groove.

Here is just one of multiple combinations
of the double sink with its draining board
sat alongside the sink with the drain holes
lipped over into the sink for zero mess
 (it has little rubber feet too).
you can see the basket insert and the colander
and chopping board over the other side.

Using either sink and the four accessories, this gives
us well over 36 different combinations that we can 
set the sink up with - depending on what we
are doing.

All neatly packed away. Nice.
Even packed away the tap is still high enough
to allow the kettle to be filled.

The new kitchen and its lovely sink set up have survived their first couple of large catering events already and have quit themselves very well indeed. Top marks to the industrial designer of this kitchen sink - they clearly cook a lot and understand kitchen sinks.

For our needs - it's perfect. Don't you love it when things just all work out properly?

Take care and stay nice.


P.S. You'll all being seeing lots of this kitchen sink in years to come.


  1. What a great combination of uses, I'm sure it will be paying dividends for years to come.

    1. Thanks Kathy - it's its own little workstation in so many ways

  2. I have never seen a sink like that. Can you share the manufacturer?


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