A Delicious Feast


Hi folks

Today will be a picture post of the mouth-watering food our Minny cooked up from scratch for Pesach/Passover recently.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Triple layer almond meringue torte

Homemade macaroons on the top tray
and Israeli chocolates underneath

Classic dinnerware (decades old)
with printed Passover serviettes
from Golds at Bondi Sydney Australia 

The Seder plate with all its symbolic 
food ready to go.

Table set with correct cutlery ready
for all the different courses

Israeli wine from Krinskys Kosher
Supermarket in Bondi Sydney Australia

The setting in front is traditionally
for Elijah - it has Elijah's special cup
(Elijah does not get a choccy heart!)

The two-handled Natla for
ceremonial handwashing.

Passover Seder plate in its place on the table

Elijah's silver cup

Passover 2021
We ate outside under the patio with candles ablaze

Brisket - slow cooked for 10
hours in this delicious sauce

First course is chicken soup with
Matzo balls

The rest of the courses are buffet.

New and old recipes used this year.
Many from the cook books by the
Monday Morning Cooking Club

A selfie of us all nearing food coma stage.

Family being together eating food prepared with love and care  - it does not get better than this.

The lesson I take away from Pesach/Passover is that of releasing ourselves from the thoughts, beliefs and habits that enslave us and living freely and purposefully.

Take care folks and stay nice.

Phil, Min and the Poggeaux family


  1. OMG, that looks so delcious, a feast for the eyes, too. I am drooling. Who is Elijah?

    1. In Jewish tradition you leave an empty place at the table for the prophet Elijah who it is believed will appear one day to announce the coming new age and Moshiach (messiah). Many believe that messiah is a collective state of mind and action rather than an actual person.

  2. That’s an impressive spread. Living in this secular world, we miss out on so much tradition.

    1. These days there are plenty of Jewish families that keep this feast culturally and are 100% secular. But yes, the food is incredible


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