Small Changes & Big Results


Hi folks

Trying new things has an amazing impact on the mind and wellbeing especially when we try some simple things that are bound to succeed.

Maybe you'd like a simple way to stretch out your favourite laundry liquid for pennies?

Maybe you'd like to make some self-watering vegetable boxes for next to nothing?

Maybe you just want to see what someone's ideal day looks like - here's mine here.

Maybe you'd like to try a very easy yet effective soap recipe?

Leaning into a simpler life is rarely accomplished by hitting massive goals and making sweeping life changes or spending swaths of money, instead, it is accomplished most easily one small task at a time. Tiny imperceptible changes .... stealthily if you like.

Maybe you'd like to approach budgeting differently?

Maybe you're curious how much coffee has cost you over your lifetime?

Maybe you'd like to smash your debts once and for all?

Whatever it is, the key is not to just read about making changes or just thinking about making changes but rather doing the changes.  The smaller the changes, the higher the success rate.

To this end, I can highly recommend James Clear's book Atomic Habits. It's a cracker.

Take care and stay nice.



  1. I have bought James' book & am awaiting its arrival. Its wonderful to see you recommend it here Phil. It's also lovely to see you back here posting as I did miss you & somehow lost you & could not find you at the other blog. I always used to really enjoy your posts. I hope to try soap making this year as its one thing I have not tried yet. Thank You for all that you share with us here.

    1. Its one of those books that is so jammed packed with stuff I often feel compelled to revisit it often. I am going to re-read it with a notebook and pencil this time (I probably should have done this initially)
      It's good to be back here writing again - I'm glad you are enjoying it


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