Our Garden Transformation


Hi folks

This will mainly be a picture post today to show you the garden at our house.  I sincerely wish I had taken detailed photos of the horrible overgrown disaster that it was a couple of years ago.  It was a borderline disgrace to the neighbourhood.

What's not to love about this
indestructible indoor plant?

Little by little we are ripping out old bushes and overgrown areas, revitalising the soil and replanting with plants that delight us and covert the once overgrown old hulk of a place into a home.

We still have LOTS to do and have not even really started on the back yard yet - so plenty more to post about in months to come.

This is growing on the trunk of the
tree fern I relocated

Anyway - enjoy these photos from around our place taken this week as I was checking how much the rain had soaked in.....

Seaside daisies add softness and
you just can't kill them

These are five Frangipani cuttings I took off our
Frangipani tree out the front - one for each daughter.
I'm pleased how well and quickly they have struck.

Shade loving colour

A bust of colour near our clothesline

We have several of these beautiful
Grandma bushes (Hydrangea)

More shade colour

We have these next to the little path that
meanders down to the clothesline

The pond. We run the pump off a tiny
solar panel and it adds the delightful
gurgle of water to our back patio area

Another indestructible

More hardy indoor specimens

This one keeps the tin cockerel
and elephants company

My miniature roses (currently being 
decimated by grasshoppers)

A hedge of gardenias out the front

Another miniature rose

The front lawn used to be covered
in semi-dead ugly prostrate conifer

Little blobs of colour everywhere

The pond area next to our outdoor
eating area. The Hydrangea and Lilliam's
will grow quite large so we've
left them plenty of room

The lovely old Frangipani

Another burst of colour

This area is lovely at night
when we fire up the chimenea

The path of recycled bricks that 
leads down to the new clothesline.
the elephant's ears look like they
need some shade cloth.

What a lovely area to hang out washing

This area used to be just dirt, weed
 and dog poop (ugh)

This will become a camellia hedge
in years to come - it's early days yet

Take care and stay nice :-)



  1. Looks lovely and inviting! Could it be the elephant's ears are suffering from heat stress due to heat emanating from the surrounding structures? Just a suggestion but relocating them to a sunny but cooler place, and putting in a more heat tolerant plant, may be better than making the open area look enclosed with shade cloth. Loving the tour of your new home :).

    1. Thank you for your advice on the Elephant's ears - much appreciated. I'd hate to lose them to heat.

  2. looks amazing. Must have been a lot of work to get this far.

    1. I'm keen for them all to mature and fill their spaces properly - they all look a little sparse at the moment. Patience :-)

  3. I cannot get one gardenia to grow, much less a hedge. It all looks pretty.

    1. Beginners luck for me I think. I've heard that they can be temperamental.
      To be fair, I have lost one of them but the one either side has flourished and taken up the gap left by the sick one.

  4. looks wonderful!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks selina. It's nice to spend time watering and weeding in the cool of the morning.


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