How To Fold Plastic Shopping Bags


Hi folks

We still have plenty of reusable plastic shopping bags hanging around. They are messy and ugly, but I do not want to throw them away as they are totally reusable as shopping bags.

Here is a great way to fold them up neatly and tightly so they store away perfectly in small places or in the car. Using this folding method is super easy once you know how.

I think just following the pictures below, step by step, is the easiest way to show you how - so here goes .....

Step 1 - lay the bag flat

Step 2 - fold the bottom 1/3 upwards

Step 3 - fold in 3rds again

Step 4 - fold the right hand 3rd inwards

Step 5 - fold the left hand 3rd inswards too

Step 6 - Fold one bottom corner 
up diagonally

Step 7 - Fold the other bottom corner
up diagonally too
(hold the folds together at this point)

Step 8 - Pull both the handles over and 
then loop under the bottom point

Step 10 - Done! Now store away
in the car or in your bag/case/pocket

I hope that was easy, fun and useful!

Take care and stay nice



  1. Replies
    1. I got sick of plastic bags hanging around all rumpled up and in the way - hopefully it works for you too

  2. That was most useful ! Thank you.

    1. You're welcome. We do this with fabric bags too

  3. We have been doing something similar with bags without handles. Works well and keeps everything tidy.

    1. Takes up so much less space that just having them laying around randomly. Small enough to fit in a hand bag of breifcase too.

  4. Bag s donated at the local neighbourhood centre, here, are folded that way. Makes better use of the storage space available and keeps the place neat. I never thought to post it so others are able to take advantage of the method. Well done!

    1. Yes, apparently a lot of people do it but I've never actually seen it on the webs before, so I thought I would just pop it on for everyone's benefit.

  5. i have a bag bag for my plastic bags, made from a tea towel (or terry towel) don't have many these days as no one gives them out anymore
    thanx for sharing


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