House Of Simple

Hi folks

Remember the old House Of Simple blog?

Simple home.

Simple money.

Simple food.

Simple garden.

Simple holidays.

I miss it.

So work is underway towards bringing House Of Simple back to life on another platform.

Running Mr Home Maker and Papa's Pennies concurrently just is not working for me and I'm not enjoying it.  I'm too old and grumpy to spend time on things I no longer enjoy anyway.

My daughter is finishing her media and communication degree and has agreed to help me re-start House of Simple over at WordPress (sorry Blogger, it's been a complicated relationship).  WordPress is a lovely platform where I can easily and elegantly write, produce and publish videos, give away free eBooks, offer services, link multimedia with ease and have everything neatly under one roof.

When will this happen?  When it happens - I'll let you all know.

Take care and stay nice  :-)



  1. Great news Phil, I look forward to reading House of Simple once again :)

  2. Looking really forward to it Phil.
    It’s too easy these days to let life get complicated. I have just be journaling about my need for “simple” in all parts of my life.
    To potter in the garden and grow our veggies and flowers. To pick up needle and thread and create, and to say yes, to my husband when he wants me to go out on this beautiful lake we live near for a couple of hours fishing. To cook, the simple, plain, from scratch meals, that my grandmother cooked. To bake my bread and mend holes in our socks. To share in our abundance with friends and neighbours. To me that’s real and simple living.
    So Phil, it’s a good choice you are making and I will waiting for your first post.
    Blessings Gail.

  3. Nice to see you again, Phil. I don't really have any problems with Blogger but I guess what I do is pretty straight forward. Can you transfer your posts over to Wordpress or have to start anew?

  4. Sounds like a great move.
    I look forward to the (re)launch of House of Simple :)

  5. Thanks Phil look forward to it and knowing when.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  6. ohhh i thought this was House of Simple, thought you just just changed the name ...

    looking forward to seeing the old blog again

    thanx for sharing

  7. Looking forward to the new style blog. Anything simple to read on every day living captures my attention. It sounds like it will be popular. Hope you enjoy this better. You are right, we are less grumpy when we enjoy the simple things.

  8. Oh exciting. Will wait for a post to tell us to switch over

  9. I look forward to hearing about how you find the platform in comparison Phil. It seems to be the one most people go with these days. I'm mostly happy with blogger, though annoyed they are removing google +. Not that I mind them removing the gadget so much, but annoyed I loose all the comments made with it over the years. Both mine and readers. very frustrating. Though I have backed them up privately, they will not present as a collection and keepsake on my blog.


  10. Looking forward to it. I really enjoy your blogs

  11. Such good news. I look forward to it. Well done for moving away from things that no longer bring you any joy. I have a friend who was no longer enjoying gardening so she moved to learn how to crochet. I am sewing/knitting and having fewer gardens this year as i too am getting older and it has become a chore instead of the joy it used to be. Easy to get down by the gardens but excruciating to get back up :-) We do not own our home so i have to constantly buy dirt etc to do the gardens and it would be cheaper to just buy the veg-- even organic but i do like to have some things growing. I think we are a wise lot of people recognising our limitations and looking for joy in other areas.

  12. Totally understand 2 blogs must be a bit demanding, looking forward to your new lifeform :)

  13. Snap! We are doing the same thing - changing blog platforms. I also have my daughter to liaise with, but mostly for bouncing ideas off. She studies media-er...something, at school too. See, I sound like a proper professional. What could go wrong?

    Looking forward to seeing your unveil.

  14. I'm looking forward to it Phil! I Hope the switch is going smoothly. I'm missing your sensible advice on the 'interwebs'.

  15. Hi Phil,
    Have you started a new blog?
    If so would love to know about it.
    I have started a new one.

    1. It's nearly ready to go Marlene. I'll certainly announce it here . Phil

    2. Great really looking forward to it, your blog was always one of my favourites.

  16. Hi Phil,
    Hows the new blog going? cant wait t0 see what you come up with.


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