Cuttings & Christmas

Hi folks

Well who'd have thought that 2018 was nearly done and dusted - whoosh. The quickest year to have flown by ever ..... I know right!

As you all know, our garden is in no fit state to be planted up this spring and we are right in the middle of tearing out old trees and unkempt undergrowth. We plan to have a much lovelier state of affairs by next spring.

However I do miss having at least some plants happening around the place, so I planted up some bits and bobs in pots that we had handy.  Doing this reminded me that planting food is possible anywhere you have some sunshine and water .... even in a high rise apartment.

I have been surprised at how hardy and tolerant some plants are, as you will see in the following pictures.  Said pictures are a mixture of some pot gardening and Christmas themes happening here amongst the persistent disorganisation at the Home Maker's place.


A lovely Christmas cameo light that casts a soft glow
in the sitting room at night

Mint and Sage growing in a pot outside the kitchen window

Two tomato bushes and a little pepper bush in between.
All are a little leggy as they are not in full sun.

The Hydrangea that grew from a dead stick.
I planted the stick just to see-what-would-happen!

The beautiful porcelain  Royal Doulton Christmas Bauble 

We purchased this incense brazier from the markets.
It has a coil of incense and catches all the ash inside the brazier..
The coil burns for 24 hours.

Sage and Dill growing in a pot under the kitchen window.

These are the pinched off tomato laterals that I have replanted
purely as an experiment.  If it works (as promised) then this
is a super frugal way to get endless new tomato plants
for the whole season.

Wild mint springing up everywhere.  I love self sown plants
as they tell a tale of resilience and opportunity.

Plain wrapped Christmas presents

Do you still hear the ringing of the bell  - or are you
too old to believe? Ha ha!

Some generous colleagues at work bought me some very
nice red - 2010 Shiraz.  Yum.

Another dead stick planted to see what would happen.
Daisy bush - hardy much.

I love my Aloe Vera. Wonderful for burns and summer
drinks alike.

All these daisy bushes are transplanted.  They sulked for a month
and I thought we would lose them but now they have
greened up and looking much more hopeful.

A lovely porcelain bauble.  Much nicer than plastic.

Take care and stay nice.



  1. A new garden will be your best gift this year, I love to watch the changes and see it transform from your dreams into your perfect outside place. I have mainly glass baubles on the tree, they catch the light so well. Merry Christmas

  2. Phil I think you might have a green thumb. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  3. love your Christmas baubles...there's always a couple of favs on my tree too! Dead stick gardening is the best, you think nothing will happen and end up with surprises, oh and love self seeding plants, always a bonus! Merry Christmas to you and your family

  4. Your herbs and plants are looking lush, I aim to grow herbs on a much larger scale next year even if it is only in pots, love your cherub bird bath/fountain. I bought Christmas wrapping paper for 25p a roll last year in the sale in January so I used that, but I just love simple brown packages. I always look forward to your posts.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  5. That's a very nice incense brazier .
    I hope you will give us an update of your tomato experiment, Phil. I'd like to know if it works. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family !

  6. I have had success growing tomatoes from the pinched out pieces. They grew really well! Your garden and home is looking lovely for the Christmas season. I agree with Nanna Chel, you really do have a green thumb! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


  7. yes, a lot of plants will grow from a woody stick, congratulations on all that have struck green!
    love that little corner garden with the bird bath, it will be very pretty once it gets going; salvias are another plant to consider to grow, quite hardy & there are many varieties to choose from.
    love the porcelain baubles too!
    merry christmas & a happy & safe new year to you & your family
    thanx for sharing

  8. Phil your potplants and everything are looking beautiful :).

    Similarly to yourself the home we purchased did not have anyone living in it for 18 months and the owners did the minimal to maintain the property.

    We have been cutting down a huge bogainvillea bush that was impeding our side driveway which took the best part of 2 days along with trimming the hedges around the home too. The grass also was overgrown so to start off with DH has slashed most of it as we have had a lot of rain here. We have discovered that we do have a mulberry tree and what looks to be a mandarin tree here too which we are chuffed about. The mulberry trees and others will need to be trimmed back off the ground so we we can mow underneath them.

    In pots around the home we have lavender angustifolia , thyme, lemon grass, hot shot canna lilies in tigerlily orange and yellow and calla lilies growing from cuttings from our previous gardens. I also have a lisbon lemon tree and a mandarin tree growing too.

    Once we finish clearing the shrubbery like true pioneers we will then set about building our new garden beds in around April or May if not sooner.

    Wishing you a happy Christmas to you ,your extended family and fellow bloggers.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

  9. Well done. I have had much success with growing extra tomatoes that way. Enjoy.

  10. Catching up with my fav blogs, after the flurry of Christmas. Your garden looks so green and vibrant. Some plants do exceptionally well in containers, other don't. I'm happy to share a few with you, in an upcoming post I'll be writing. All about what I've learned from my little kitchen garden, in pots. You never know if you never try these things out. So it's great seeing your container garden, emerging too. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from the experience.

  11. Lovely brazier, it looks quite old, would definitely have caught my eye as well.
    I haven't thought of making drinks containing aloe vera, now I'm curious I shall have to have a look around for some recipes.


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