What's Been Goin' On?

Home-made Portuguese tarts made from scratch.
Seriously delicious.

Hi folks

Just pictures today of some random things that have been going on around here - enjoy .....

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas.
We've made a small start on the decorations.

I'm not a fan of Halloween - but hey.

Pumpkin bread rolls made from scratch

A left-over board from the shed wrapped in
kitchen foil makes a perfect spice rack shelf in the pantry.

What lovely mulch made by ......

..... my birthday present to myself. A mulcher!
(Gosh it is noisy though)

Chocolate and Malteser spider cookies for .... Halloween.
Made from scratch, so I guess that's OK.

Ghostly white chocolate strawberries for ....
Halloween (sigh).

Removing the 40 year old prostrate conifer.  Ugh.  Nasty work.

Kylie the Kookaburra eyeing off the freshly worked soil
in hope of a worm.

Kookaburra skewers - No! No! only joking.
Satay chicken skewers.

Quinoa stuffed peppers steaming for dinner.

Home made chicken and vegetable pie.
Can you smell it?  Mmmmm.

Take care folks.

Lean into a simple, frugal, home-made life - you'll love it.



  1. I have a mulcher too Phil, it’s excellent...noisy yes, but fun! ��

    From Cheryl

  2. I am going to look up the mulcher!

  3. I am going to start on Christmas early this year , I do so love it.
    What a sensible birthday present, I always try to be practical, my husband said what would you like for Christmas this year, my reply was I could do with a new chopping board, I am sure I will get one but with some treats as well. Love seeing all your home cooked food, the kitchen is always busy here as well, I shall be making lasagne from scratch today and baking some chocolate chip buns. Would love a peek at your pantry one day Phil, I would so love a pantry rather than kitchen cupboards.

  4. Look at that spice rack! You are so organized. :)

  5. I love our mulcher too, Phil. Noisy but a really great way to use plant material grown here for our own mulch. Meg:) P.s. We have lots of Kylie's relatives here!

  6. Kookaburras do so love the furniture we leave out for them - be it a trellis, a garden shovel or a TV aerial. Fine purchase to purvey for prey! They're truly dedicated workers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Homemade Portuguese tarts! Those things are gold. Maybe a future side hustle opportunity?


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