Budgets - Three Different Ways

Hi folks

Part of living a simple life is finding a way to budget that suits you and that actually works. There is simply no point slavishly following a certain household budgeting logic if it is not working or you.

We have previously chatted about a few different ways to budget - here they are:

1. The 8 level total income budget method  - click HERE

2. The percentage method of budgeting - click HERE

3. The 47.5 secret to household budgeting - click HERE

Now, at our place we have used all three of these budgets and they all work fabulously - but at the end of the day it is important to choose a household budgeting method that works practically and emotionally for you.

Take care and stay nice folks

Mr HM.

P.S. Do you like the Hocus Pocus magic book brownies we baked recently for Halloween (any excuse for a cook up!).


  1. Those brownies look delicious.
    At the moment I use the percentage method. :)

    1. Percentage method is far less grueling and achieves great results. I like it because instantly adjusts for fluctuating incomes


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