Missing Some Money?

Hi folks

Missing some money lately?  Yes or no, either way still have a look at these links, you might be surprised what you'll find.

I found a superannuation account of Mrs HM's that we had plain forgotten about from when she did some temporary contracts many years ago.  So, even if you think you are across your bank accounts, insurances and investments it still might be worth a look.

Lost or missing money links:

Australia - Click HERE

USA - Click HERE

Canada - Click HERE

UK - Click HERE

..... and there's always under the back seat of the car too :-)

Good luck everyone!

Take care and stay nice.



  1. Hi Phil, I had a nice surprise this year, I mentioned on your other blog about my pension pot, but I didn't realise I had one until this year a letter popped through the door, a company had been trying to locate me for a few years(due to us moving a lot) and I have a small pension from a job I had many many years ago, it had obviously been forgotten, it is all legit. So we are well pleased.

    1. That would have been the best feeling! What a win.


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