What's Happening At Our Other Home?

Hi Folks

How's your weekend panning out?  Ours is going great and we are currently cooking up a meal for several friends that are coming over this evening.  We are cooking from scratch of course!

Over at our other blog home, Papa's Pennies HERE we have been chatting about all these things:

  • Smashing debt
  • Respecting our future
  • Using $10 a day to retire with $1 million  (not a gimmick)
  • The difference between saving and investing
  • How powerful 20 cents can be (this can genuinely change the fortunes of your family)
  • Why we should pay our bills back-to-front
  • Identifying some good quality blogs on money and investing (I'm fairly picky here)

If any of this piques your interest, then pop over to Papa's Pennies HERE and have a look around at the first few posts we have done there.  If there are any other money/investing topics that you would love to hear about, then leave a message over at Papa's Pennies and I'll write it up for you. No problems.

Take care folks and stay nice

Mr HM (Phil)