Wednesday Night Gossip

Hi folks

Well, June 30th is done and dusted and I am free to think about some other things besides work, work, work!

Last night we spied three owls that had landed on the roof and balcony of a local house. It's been many years since I have seen owls so close up.  It was a lovely moment.  Can you see them in the dim photo below?

Find the three owls

Toby-the-dog has been learning some new routines since we adopted him.  Toby's quiet life has exploded into the equivalent of a particularly shattering version of a Donald Duck movie now that Toby lives with the seven of us - all our comings and going, multiple conversations and 'stuff' ..... poor puppa.

Who tried to eat their bone on the carpet?
Toby is not looking at me as I go 'crook' about it.

We are getting used of the oven and cooker at house - they both cook rather fiercely and that means adjusting all our recipes to suit.  Mrs HM reckons that only timid cooks cook on low heat anyway - hmmm. We burnt a few dishes until we figured it out.

Home roasted chicken from scratch.

Veggies with chili - looking very innocuous until
you take the first mouthful.

We popped up to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast recently to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.  It was a nice break and very frugal seeing it was off-season.  We stayed at Pepper Soul on the beach and they put us up on the 29th floor as a nod to our amount of years married. Very luxurious at a very bargain price. However, I am hopeless with heights and needless to say did not spend much time on the balcony (tingly hands and feet!). Winter in Queensland  - 21 degrees C every day .... that's the same as everyone else's mild summer day. No complaints from us.

A Gold Coast scene

The restructure of this blog is going MUCH slower than I hoped. Blogger is not quite as easy to reconfigure as I thought - lots of things just no longer working as I expected.  I'm still toying with going across to WordPress. Let me know if something looks badly wrong  - I probably will have no clue how to fix it  - ha ha!!

Anyhow, off to sort dinner now.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. And Toby says, “Well who was the silly billy who gave me a bone in the house” LOL! 😜

  2. 29 stories is too high for me. I have tingles at heights, too, but will not share where.

  3. Toby looks suitably regretful in the photo, Mr HM. I hope he got his bone back! I am still learning how to cook to the temperatures of my new oven too ... it's blooming hot! I take 10-15C off the recommended temp. Meg:)

  4. We are having days of 25 degrees here but it as dry as a chip. So I am hoping for rain, but only in the non sugar cane growing areas as sugar cane harvest is in full swing, and I don't want the farmers upset.

    It would have been great to see three owls together. I have only seen them one at a time.

    1. Any more owls and it would have looked like a scene off Harry Potter

  5. congrats on your anniversary!
    for a few days here we had 26-28`c it was lovely! not it's back to below 20`c & raining! just as lovely! hah
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina. I have some gardening posts coming up and I am going to need your opinions soon. Thinking cap on please :-)

  6. Oh poor Toby he looks devastated :(, he will gradually learn the new rules of the house and be good from now on.

    What a great milestone and happy 29th anniversary to you both and really hope you relaxed and enjoyed it. I am perfectly fine with heights it is just the take offs and landings in aeroplanes that frighten the bigeebers out of me. It is the only time I feel I have no control of getting my feet on firm ground :). I am sure there are a few planes with my deep fingerprints in the arm rests.


    1. Toby has every emotion well practiced! I love flying but only in big planes, the little ones give me the heebies.


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