What a mess folks!

I am right in the middle of discovering what Blogger CAN'T do with regards to themes and the reorganisation of my content. I'm eyeing off WordPress right about now - just sayin'.

However, I had a small win tonight figuring out how to make separate pages for Frugality posts and Investing posts based on label searches. A small mercy indeed. Time will tell if it works well into the future......but now I have to go back through ALL my posts and re label them exactly as per the parameters required so the right posts show up on the right pages (I'm bored already just thinking about it).  The things I do for ya'll !!

I have not even started tackling how to link YouTube video posts here on Blogger ..... eeep!

Anyway, I may be on a blogging break but lots is getting learned and done.

We have a long weekend coming up  - petrol prices have hiked up already and we are all getting nervy about double demerit points from the boys and girls in blue (we love ya really but). Also, the hilarious phenomena of the Sunday-rush-for-the-supermarket-before-a-public-holiday is also sure to occur again.

I just thought I would throw a picture in (above) ..... our very sensible, sophisticated 17 year old still found some simple delight in hopping into a big packing box - channeling the inner child no doubt.

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Hope you manage to find the right theme/layout, I know it can be a nightmare. Fuel prices are rocketing again here.

    1. Maybe it it IS something to do with crude oil prices and not just our public holiday :-)

    2. We only use gas to heat the water and for the heating which is not in use now, but the diesel for the car is going up and up every week.

  2. It's going up here in the States too! Laura

  3. Good luck with your blog, Phil. I looked at using the new themes a while ago and gave up so have stuck with the old look. I seemed to lose the sidebar with the new themes and couldn't be bothered fiddling too much so gave up. I daresay nobody really cares. Having pages is a good idea but why not just link to a few of your older posts on there and remember to link to the page when you write a new one on frugality etc.

  4. yep, fuel prices are up everywhere, i even ran out of fuel! thought i had a simple break down! have to put extra in for the fortnight now $20 doesn't get me to the next pay!
    keep enjoying the blog break, also enjoy the long weekend, why do people do that? don't they know how to stock pile? gosh, so glad i have one lol
    take care
    thanx for sharing

  5. Nice flash new blog Phil!

    I better pull my finger out, haven't got any pictures, or a logo, or much going on really at my site!

    Seems to go in the too-hard basket.

    Hope you find a setup you're happy with.

  6. It's best to share a Youtube video, direct from Youtube itself. Underneath the video, you'll see a "Share" tab. Under that tab, you'll see an orange Blogger symbol. Click on that, and it will automatically open your blog post page, to write a new post, with the video embedded. When you want to centre it, highlight the video with your cursor, and press the alignment icon, then click "align centre".

    Anyway, a bit late joining - so I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.


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