Hello Europe!

Hello to all my European readers!

Privacy laws have changed and as a blogger, the European Union Laws require me to give EU visitors information about cookies and data collected on this blog.

Evidently, there is a cookie and privacy notice displayed on my blog for EU visitors, however, because I'm not in the EU - guess what?..... I can't see it!

Please, if you're  reading this from the EU, can you kindly write a short comment to let me know if you can see this notice (just type "yes"). If you can't see it then please type "no" and also mention which country you're in so we can get it fixed.

If you are not a EU reader then just roll your eyes and click away (!) - I'll be back with normal content soon enough

Thanks folks



  1. Phil, you can see the notice if you change your blog address from blogspot.com to blogspot.fr or blogspot.co.uk

  2. I got some sort of notice or warning to me in the US. However, it requires me to do something I do not understand. I can see this when I click on posts. What am I supposed to do?

    1. If it is a grey notice, just click OK, you will see it a few times and then it should go away.

  3. Yes. UK.
    Love your blog btw, only discovered recently!

  4. Yes the very annoying note is on all blogs now, where ever we are in europe

  5. Yes it's here, I thought you had jumped on a plane to join us.

  6. I can't see mine either and I live in the USA! Can you see my cookies pop up on when you read my blog? Hope ya all are enjoying your blog vacation!


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