Busy On A Break

Hello to all you fine folk - love from Mr and Mrs HM

Hi folks

Yes, I am still on a bogging break, however I thought I would list off the things going around in my head about what I plan to do with this blog in the future.

1. Videos - I love watching videos on YouTube and plan to include a Mr HM YouTube channel to link to this blog too. Some things are just better done visually.

2. Free Stuff - The problem with blogs is that often it can be hard to find the post you want to revisit as it can get lost in the mists of time. To this end, I plan to have a dedicated blog page for printables, cheat sheets, links, recommendations and sensible promos.

3. Frugal Stuff versus Finance Stuff - To me they are both inseparable topics, but the poll I did on the Mr HM Facebook page tells me otherwise. You said you wanted more frugal tips and less finance stuff. So, I think I will separate the topics so you can easily access the topic of your choice on different pages (or something similar). I might have to change the entire blog layout (eeep!).

4. Ads and Merchandise - I have had Adsense ads up for a while and have had zero complaints as yet. I've tried to keep them out of the way of the body of the post.  The money I earn from these will allow me to retire till at least supper time tonight!

Affiliated links etc - I'm still not sure how I feel about this, so unless it is a totally fabulous product that I could genuinely live and die by ... then no.

I'm also going to eventually add a SHOP page to sell some of my wares and writing and to also have free give away stuff too .... I have not quite figured this out yet.

5. What Kate Did - yes this will continue as it is a real life dramatisation of my grandmother's life from a teenager in the early 1900's right through to her passing in the late 1970's. It is a story full of frugality, grit, courage, self improvement, scandal and dry humour.  If you have not read the first two chapters they are here and here

Flowers for  Mothers day recently here in Australia

Any other ideas are very welcome please.

OK, must skedaddle. Thingses to do!

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Sounds like some good ideas there, Phil. A few people have have some hiccups with recent Blogger changes. It is all a mystery to me though. Enjoy the rest of your blogging break.

  2. Hello Phil, what a great couple you are and so good to finally get a peak at Mrs HM. :-)
    Some brilliant ideas there, and will be good to go directly to the finance blogs, which are some of my favorites. I've recently directed my niece towards your finance wisdom posts. Enjoy your blogging break.

  3. separating the posts into their prospective pages sounds like a brilliant idea so people can find what they are looking for; in my opinion it would be a shame to lose this blog, i enjoy reading & many do; i'll watch the odd video but not many; ohhh yes, & you MUST continue the story of Kate, honestly think you should put that one into a book or the Canberra archives or something, that's history truly lived! & a wonderful story!
    enjoy the rest of your blogging break
    thanx for sharing

  4. Good to see you and your lovely wife looking relaxed and happy, clearly a blogging break is doing both of you the world of good :).

    Your plans sound fabulous for the blog and like everyone it would be a shame to loose you and your blog which I find inspirational. Separating the topics so people can refer to them sounds like a great idea.

    Enjoy your break and come back even more refreshed and relaxed :).


  5. Such a treat to see your lovely wife. ❤️ Blessings

  6. Hi Phil, you and your wife look so happy, lovely photo.
    I think I said to you on your last post how much I have enjoyed my blogging break, your blog is one of my favourites, and I would miss it, youtube videos sound like a great idea, I was thinking of this myself, I am not giving up blogging completely I have decided to return, I don't think there are enough money saving blogs out there, when I return its not going to be such a personal blog, and although I have been opposed to ad sense in the past, I am now thinking differently, after all anything towards saving/making money is good. Good luck with what ever you decide.
    Best wishes

  7. Hello there, I too have been on a bit of a break so its god to catch up and see you looking so well! Plans sound great. :)


  8. You are looking very svelte there Mr HM, you're weight loss regime is still ongoing I see, well done! I look forward to your blog changes :)

  9. Hello Mr HM and warm greetings to Mrs HM! You make a handsome couple.

    It sounds like you have some good ideas milling around for the blog. I, for one, really like your financial pages & also feel they go hand in glove with the frugal life, but agree that you have enough hard-to-find stuff that some kind of header system would help. Don’t know enough about blogger to know if you can? I’ve always used Opera for my browser so hadn’t realised you had ads. Just looked now with Safari & they are very discreet. Nice sites like Down to Earth have ads and I don’t mind when they’re tucked down the side.

    Enjoy your break!

  10. I also love watching videos on YouTube, I'm so happy that you have decided to make videos too, Kaye.

  11. I don't know how I missed the chapters about what Kate did but sounds very interesting, as do your other ideas. Glad you aim to make some money from your writing, you really are very good at it! Videos - yay!

    I also think frugality is inseparable from finance stuff, but quite likely some folks are still in the survival stage (eg getting out of debt or just trying to get by on a very small income) and I they just want to cut to the chase and find out how to make it through another day.

    I appreciate every post you write :-)


    PS enjoy your break

  12. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful couple! I look forward to reading and watching your restyled blog. Must say, very happy for you to be able to retire so soon, especially by supper ☺


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