Ten Things

Hi folks

Here are some different things to look at - hopefully it will spark some new ideas for you. It will also provide a welcome relief from my ramblings too  - ha ha!

When I surf the net (is that still a saying?), I'll usually spend some time on one of these sites.

  1. Totally loving what they are doing to old furniture at Antiquechic HERE
  2. Financial Independence FIAustralia at reddit HERE is always educational
  3. Becky's Homestead Vlog is a little corny but always a good cheery listen HERE
  4. A good compound interest calculator that I use is found HERE
  5. A bunch of great ideas on MIgardener Vlog HERE
  6. I love the old-school advice on gentlemen's clothing at Gentlemen's Gazette HERE
  7. A favourite men's blog of mine The Art Of Manliness HERE
  8. Australia's most under-utilised finance site is ASIC's MoneySmart site HERE
  9. This man and his woodwork calms my soul HERE
  10. USA readers - an astoundingly astute investing education can be found HERE by J.L. Collins

I've been super busy and will be for a while yet. It is the busy season at work as well as lots of 'matters' that need attending to on the home front too. But we're all good.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Some great sites there Phil, I have a little routine, I have sites bookmarked which I visit daily.

  2. Thanks for the links Phil. The first one (Antiquechic) has lots of neat ideas for re-doing furniture.

  3. Thanks Phil. Glad to hear you are all going okay.


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