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Private health insurance can be a right royal pain in the butt to figure out. Am I paying too much? What is claimable? Am I being charged Medicare Levy Surcharge at tax time? What about gap payments? What am I covered for? What are the hidden costs? What gap if any am I paying? Aaarrgh.

Anyway, I found this very helpful site for Australians wanting to compare private health insurance cover. Seeing as our health cover system is quickly heading towards a similar system as USA I thought it was time to bite the bullet and put the research time in.

I quickly realised that many comparison sites for private health insurance are NOT truly independent and have agreements with a defined list of providers, so whilst looking like they are comparing providers fairly, they are not. Sneaky.

So here is the link HERE from 

Even if you already have private health cover I encourage you to still use this link, you just might save some dollars.

Also here is the ATO site that explains the Medicare Levy Surcharge HERE

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  1. We ditched our Private Health Insurance in November last year, and started our own fund, same monthly premium we were paying into our old fund goes into an account strictly for medical purposes, when we get a significant sum in that account, we will look at investing it to maximise our return (Just like the funds are doing with our money). Best decision ever, haven't looked back. We've used it for medical costs already, and our "fund" covered 100% of our costs ;) and always will! We have an excellent health care system in this country for Emergency Medical care, we hope to pay our own way for elective surgery should we ever (hopefully not) need it in the future.

    1. This is a very valid alternative Cheryl - I hope to do a post on this in the future too. Thank you for mentioning a robust alternative.


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