Getting Ahead At Work

Hi folks

One of the three basics of financial success is increasing our earnings. (You can read about what the other two are in this post here)

There are many ways to get ahead at work and stand out from the crowd of opinionated mediocrity - but there is only one method that I want to talk about today.

Without beating around the bush or the like, it is simply this: -

Put your hand up willingly to do the stuff nobody else wants to do

Yep, the project that is too hard, too messy, too frightening, too boring, too whatever. Consistently putting your hand up to do what others are unwilling to do will get you noticed and will give you a measurable platform to build success on.

I have a personal mantra at work and it goes like this - "eat your veggies first".  In other words, always do the ugly/hard stuff first and all the fun stuff afterwards. By habitually doing this, it will stand you in good stead to easily take on that ugly project (or whatever) that no one else wants to do.

By being disciplined to do the tough stuff first and by putting your hand up to do what others will not do, the following benefits WILL come your way:
  •   You'll learn how to tackle challenges
  •   You'll learn how to get results despite the hurdles
  •   You'll learn determination and stickability
  •   You'll achieve what others do not (because they did not want the task)
  •   You'll widen your network (solving problems always means collaborating for answers)
  •   You'll learn more about your business
  •   You'll learn things about yourself (self awareness is priceless in the workplace)
  •   You'll gain the reputation of getting things done
  •   You'll open your mind for other possibilities
  •   You'll grow your confidence exponentially
  •   You'll taste success

All the above creates professional wisdom which is a valuable commodity - it also has a currency.

I have personally tripled my income step by step by consistently using the above simple principle.  
Folks, if I can do this, you can too.

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Good advice. I taste the steak first, then devour the veggies. ;)

  2. Very succinct Phil!

    I think the only thing I did at work was the overtime that others didn't want to do!

    Passionate about extra cash for investing, not so much the other stuff :)

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog. Can you please also give us regular pics and updates on toby the dog. Really like to know how he is getting along. Bless you guys for giving him a home.

  4. Great advice Phil. I love your blog and miss seeing you on the old forum. Have a good week, Wendy (Emeline).

    1. The new forum was not for me Emeline - I just enjoy reminiscing about Rhonda's old one. Good to hear from you. I hope you and Andrew are keeping well.

  5. This is very good advice, Phil. I normally don't put my hand up to do extra things, but whenever I did put up my hand it was always beneficial for me. :)

  6. Yesterday I read an article about 'Lozzies': lazy Australians. Employers frustrated that they can't find and keep good workers. Apparently foreign workers are very grateful for any job and don't take 'sick' days because they drunk too much the night before...

    Your post is great advice for anyone wanting to get ahead. Be a go-getter, and it shouldn't take long to rise through the ranks (especially if your co-workers are 'Lozzies')

  7. This list should be on the notice-board in every workplace.


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