Get Your Refund Now

Hi Folks - a quick alert.

Australians, if you live in NSW then be sure to see if you are eligible for a refund.

The NSW Government has reformed the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme to reduce the costs of CTP Green Slips for vehicle owners and better support people injured on our roads.
If you were the registered owner of a private vehicle in NSW Australia, as at midnight 30 November 2017, you may be able to claim a CTP Green Slip refund for insurance policies bought or renewed before 1 December 2017.
Here is the link HERE
I got a $61 refund today....straight into my savings account too.

Take care folks and stay nice
(The photo today is of the beach next to our city - Mrs HM and I do walks here often at night just before bedtime.)


  1. Thanks for the reminder Mr HM

  2. What a shame we live in Queensland! Never mind.

  3. Thank you for your vigilance in these matters, Phil. We received $57 in our hot little hands today!


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