505 Weeks Left

Hi folks

I was messing around this evening with some calculations and one of them was how many actual weeks are left till Mrs HM and I officially and fully retire from full time paid work. 

The calculator tells me I will retire in 505 weeks (3530ish days).  Put like that, 505 weeks does not sound long at all!  I think I'll cope after all.

So, lotses to do in 505 weeks hobbitses. Yes!  (chews end of pencil)

List of things to do in 505 weeks

1. Think of ways to reduce 505 to less than that (never happy am I?)
2. Purchase that caravan (cash purchase)
3. Purchase a tow vehicle (also a cash purchase)
4. Purchase a small property to be a home base (small mortgage or pay cash??)
5. Develop two more passive income streams (2 already happening, but need 2 more)
6. Learn men's barbering (retirement job)
7. Finish my Financial Planning certification (a transition career into and during retirement)
8. Actively downsize and cull our 'stuff'
9. Increase percentage of income bearing investments
10. Start seriously studying frugal living-on-the-road skills
11. Plan and execute several extended caravan trips as a transition to life on the road

If you are wondering what our retirement plan looks like - read about it here.

What would you do if you were us in the next 505 weeks? 

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. The time will soon go, it is a good idea to make any big purchases you need to whilst there is money (wages) coming in.

  2. good luck!
    thanx for sharing

  3. I have a little 'cross off' list up in my kitchen of how many months until I retire... 139. Just so that I stay focussed on my financial (and other) goals.

  4. I'd be setting up our property, so we could retire and make money living on it. To which I will propose, you may not have accounted for in your plans. That's if a piece of land, is still on the cards.

    Your present investments, only take into consideration, what you spend in suburbia as a renter. In the country, depending what services you receive, costs become a lot more expensive. You may be up for several fencing projects (they can get damaged) your septic may need replacing, water tanks and water pumps, do as well. If you're going to use a tractor, chainsaw, or any large pieces of equipment, they will need regular maintenance, parts or replacing too.

    While you won't be paying the costs associated with receiving municipal water and sewage, the large outlay for replacing things such as a septic (up to $10,000 or more) or water tanks, need to be accounted for. Or they come as a surprise!

  5. Oh Phil, everyone needs a goal to get us out of bed in the mornings and yours sounds perfect to me. The thing I've picked up from all those wise retirees out there, is to never actually stop working completely. Now I can relate to that, being a retiree myself ...ahum..not wishing to sound smug or anything LOL..but I just love to work and it's what gives me the will to face each day, albeit I'm working for myself now and at a slower pace with no one looking over my shoulder. I can fully recommend purchasing a caravan sooner rather than later so you and Mrs HM can do a few trips to get your "van legs" and the remaining weeks of working life will be blissfully broken up with short breaks.

  6. you got me thinking...I have 420 weeks ...check out one of my favorite blogs...http://thriftymominboise.blogspot.com/ she is going to hit the road when she retires too...

  7. I like your plan Phil.

    505 weeks sounds like a long time - I'm pretty sure if you plough your effort into number 1 (reducing the weeks) you can get there much sooner. That's the one I focused on obsessively and it works!

    Very interesting retired life you've got in the works - on the road, part time financial guru, part time barber, part time blogger? Super cool :)


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