Little Frugal Tips

Hi folks

Here is a list of little frugal tips that will certainly save you money.  No one will even notice you doing these frugal things. Stealth is the key.

They don't sound much in themselves, but it all adds up.

  •   Place bottles of water in the spare spaces in your fridge. Water holds the cold so your fridge will not have to turn on as often or for as long each time you open the door.
  •   Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to draw up hot air out of the house on a warm day
  •   Dilute laundry liquid with water - it works just as well. 
  •   If you are baking, then bake lots at once instead of on separate baking days. Once an oven is hot it is at its most efficient.
  •   Only place enough water in the kettle to boil as you need.  Boiling a full jug each time you want a cuppa wastes electricity/gas.
  •   Use half the amount of sugar in recipes - seriously.
  •   Place a couple of drops of essential oil on a tissue  and suck it up as you vacuum (hoover) to make the house smell lovely.
  •   Dilute hair conditioner with water - again, not even noticeable.
  •   Have a 3 lights-on-only policy in the house. People can read and study just as effectively under one light as they can under a light on in each room.
  •   Go to bed earlier - this saves all the electricity from lights and appliances and it is great for your health.
  •   Stop eating sugar.  Your medical bills will reduce and you will feel so much better in the long run. (The first three days off sugar are diabolical however!)
  •   Use the shortest cold wash cycle on your washing machine - it works just as well for ordinary day wear and saves water and power.
  •  Sun-dry your clothes. Your electric clothes dryer is a massive power sucker.
  •   Look at what you toss out after a meal - adjust meal sizes accordingly so there is zero waste.
  •   Stop drinking fruit juice - it is no better than drinking coke.
  •   Eat eggs. One of the purest forms of protein and a fraction of the price of meat.
  •   Make your own kitchen surface spray (use the empty spray bottle and fill with warm water and then add one teaspoon of washing soda and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid). This works as good if not better and for just mere pennies.

Home made food is many times cheaper than processed foods
or eating out.  Cooking from scratch saves you serious money.

I have loads more tips but this should do for now.

Guaranteed money back in your pocket if you do this list ..... and no one will even notice the difference. (smug smile)

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Thanks Mr HM, great ideas. Lisa J. Tasmania.

  2. Good tips, looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Thanks for the tips Mr HM. Some of them i had not even thought of such as: Place a couple of drops of essential oil on a tissue and suck it up as you vacuum (hoover) to make the house smell lovely. And the kitchen surface spray.

  4. Some good tips there, Mr.HM. Sounds like you have given up sugar :-)

    1. I have dramatically reduced my sugar intake at your advice some time back. I now know that sugar increases my stress levels and has a huge negative impact of my moods. I think the significant reduction in sugar has been the main driver of my steady weight loss too.

      But gosh, sugar is in everything these days - nearly inescapable.

  5. Great list Phil!

    I do most things listed so I guess I can improve on the ones that I don't do.

    We have a one light policy simply because there is just the two of us now.

    I am wondering how much exhaust fans cost to run? I guess a very minimal amount. In the hot weather, my house has all the block out curtains drawn and all the doors shut into rooms. I am able to not turn the air conditioner on until 3pm most days. Today is not one of those days! It went on at about 1pm today, and considering tomorrow is 46C it will more than likely be on sooner! I also turn the air conditioner off at night and use a free standing fan on low to keep cool if need be.

    I look forward to reading more frugal tips from you.


    1. I think an exhaust fan would cost as much to run as a 60 watt light globe (roughly).

      You would be an expert on efficient cooling and heating tips where you live - you should do a post on that one day Tania.

  6. We’ve just changed electricity suppliers so I am going to be a power nazi, switching off all lights and power points. Good tips!

  7. Thanks Phil all these tips help us all to save money and get us ahead of the curve :) .


  8. some great tips Phil, most of which I used to do, and will get back to them over the next few days.

  9. Great tips there PHIL - thank you. Good to read about your sugar reduction and henceforth weight loss and stress reduction as well - good on ya

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