How To Have No Bill Stress in December 2018

Hi folks

Just think about how nice it would be to have zero bills leading up to and over Christmas - amazing.

No pre-Christmas money stress, no post Christmas bill stress - bliss.

(How's your credit card balance going right about now?!)

How To Have No Bill Stress in December 2018 

To have no bill stress in December we will have to start immediately  - today actually.

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Lower glycemic index than normal potatoes too.

Step 1:
Working out how much each of your bills cost you each 12 months.

To do this you will have to look back over your last 12 months worth of bills or bank statements and add up each bill payment so you have a yearly figure.  For example, electricity may have cost you $500 in March, $600 in June, $700 in September and $800 in December which equals $2600 over 12 months. Another example  - Car insurance which might be a direct debit of $100 per month, so the 12 monthly figure would be $1200.....and so on and so forth for all your bills in turn.

Step 2:
Working out your total yearly bill cost.

Simply add up all the 12 monthly figures that you have calculated in Step 1.

Step 3:
Divide the total yearly bill figure from step 2 by 48, then, multiply this figure by 1.1.  Write down this number - it will be your magic number.

For example:  yearly bills equal $30500.00. So, 30500.00 divided by 48 equals 677.08333 then multiply this by 1.1 equals 744.72 (rounded up to two decimal places).  744.72 is therefore my magic number.

Step 4: 
Set up a dedicated bank account for these bills.

This bank account must ONLY be used for all bills figured out in Step 1.  No cheating or dipping into it for other things or this whole system will fail.

Step 5:
Deposit your magic number (worked out in Step 3) every week into your dedicated bill account.

Step 6:
Pay your bills as they arise out of the bank account set up in step 4.

Step 7: 
Come December, you will have a full month's worth of bill money sitting waiting in your account. Any bills that come in during December can be blissfully paid from this money.

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some fried with a dukkah coating.



As today is the last day of the first week in January we need to put our magic number into our bills bank account TODAY  ..... at latest, first thing Monday morning.

Glasses up (ching!) to having zero bill stress come December 2018.  We'll all be sitting back relaxed whilst the world around is heating up their credit cards.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. I can't count the number of times lately I've seen "Buy Now, Pay Later". They may as well be advertising one big credit card headache! Meg

    1. Yep, and they may be interest free but they will have monthly admin fee too

  2. We pay our bills by monthly standing order from a separate account, we have in the account 3 months extra money, so if anything hits the fan we have a back up. Through September and October we stock up on cleaning, hygiene and store cupboard items, so through November and December our shopping bills are much less. This year again we need very little shopping in January. We do not use our credit card for Christmas shopping.

  3. No Christmas bill for us. Most everything was bought and paid for by Nov. 1st. I’ve already started buying for next year. With a daughter with Jan. 3rd Birthday, that needs to be taken care of early, too. I learned this the hard way when she was a child. There was nothing left to choose from if I waited til after Christmas. Like Marlene, I stock up on food and toiletries during the Summer when I work a Summer job. This is a huge help during the holiday season!

  4. Getting savvier about Christmas by the year. In December when we were in Australia visitng our family i gave our son the budgeted $ for our grandchildren's birthday gifts as it easier for them to buy in Australia that for us to buy here and then post it over only to find they already have the thing we brought!!!! And cheaper with no postage costs. I also refuse to feel badly about sticking to the budget for the gifts for the grandies when gifts are " suggested" for us to buy that are out of our budget. Already deposited in our Christmas Club account that you suggested opening Mr HM and debt no problem as all household accounts are paid on a fortnightly basis and are always in credit :-)

  5. I am so glad that we do a similar method to this Phil. It works well.


  6. Great advice there for sure! In case there are self-employed people out there on variable incomes thinking this planning ahead doesn't apply to them, I will share what I do. I've been self-employed for over thirty years, and most years by choice I earn nothing - that's right, nothing - on school holidays. (this allows me to be with my kids over the holidays)

    To manage this, I put aside a set amount each quarter, based on my yearly bills which I have calculated. This set amount is non- negotiable and not to be dipped into! I usually keep it in a high interest account, but in the past I have also kept it in a Christmas Club account in a different bank from my main bank, and other times I have paid it into the mortgage as extra payments to reduce the interest, then taken a redraw.


  7. I love this idea. My husband doesn't get paid holidays so any time off has to be saved for. I'm off to work it into the budget! Thank you - another brilliant idea.
    Casey :)

  8. Hi Mr HM Long time since I pooped in for a read and to enjoy your practical advice. I thought I would share this link with you for an excel spreadsheet put together by the Australian government. I have found it is a great way of working out bills and costs to link in with your pay cycle and it really forces you to consider all your expenses including things like gifts you may not have budgeted for. It allows you to customise it to suit your life and best of all it does all the calculations for you. This really helped us when I stopped working and went on maternity leave and then when that payment finished it helped us see exactly what we had to cull to meet our expenses.


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