Don't Set Goals in 2018

Hi Folks

Look, goals are wonderful things, however they only represent 1% of the answer on their own.  I'm sure we have all set countless goals during our lifetimes and most (if not all) have just dropped off over the horizon like a proverbial lemming.

So this year, don't set goals.  All that nonsense about feeling your goals, reading your goals three times a day, imagining your goals, sending out goal vibrations .... blah, blah, blah ..... is useless without the following power-packed truth about goals:

Goals are only achieved by setting and following a system of actions.

Huh? How does that work?  Here are some examples of how this works.

Don't say:  I want to lose 20 kg
Instead do this: My daily action is eating only fresh above-ground veg and unprocessed meats.

Don't say:  I want to write a book by December 31st
Instead do this:  My daily action is getting up at 5:00am and writing 2 pages.

Don't say:  I will save $1000 by next Christmas
Instead do this:  Automate $40 to go to a HIBA each fortnightly pay.

Don't say:  I want to get a raise by November.
Instead do this:  My daily action  is to log into Seek site and apply for one job every week day.

It is the repetitious system of new actions that achieves goals and changes our lives. 

More simply - focus your energy on achieving the daily action, not the end goal.

Happy New Year's Eve to you all - the best of life's blessings to everyone.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. This is so true. Every time I had open ended goals, it failed. More definitive ones with smaller steps always work for me.
    Happy New Year to you and your family Phil!

  2. Never a truer word spoken. This is wisdom folks!

  3. Some times the goal is too large therefore for some inaction occurs because it seems insurmountable. To implement daily habits that work towards the end result work is a way I find work for me.

  4. Happy New Year for tomorrow Phil to you and your family :) .

    It is a bit like the saying "how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time" . You are right what we do and accomplish daily contributes greatly to whether we get to our desired outcome.


  5. Those daily actions become routines and habits, don't they? Sound advice indeed! Happy new year to you! Meg:)

  6. Good advice, I am not making resolutions, I will take small steps each day and take each day as it comes. Happy New Year Phil to you and your loved ones.

  7. Love it!!!
    I'm off to write down my "daily do"!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. After reading your message today i put into practice a couple of things. One being on the exercise front and instead of thinking - "i must walk so many 000's of steps a day!!" which does my head in i thought I would walk every day and not count the steps. Let's face it walking every day is better than sitting at the computer. At WW the leader there told us once that better to even walk to the mailbox and back each day than not walk at all.

  10. I truly love this. I have been struggling over the last few days. I just didn't feel like setting goals and etc. I was seeing and reading everyone's goals and it was so bleh to me because I am just not "feeling it" haha! I love this outlook. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Happy new year to you and yours. I set goals (internally) and do daily actions too. Only I find the daily actions can be railroaded by unexpected events. So long as you remember to jump back on board afterwards. Otherwise the momentum is lost, and you're going some other place, you weren't quite planning on.

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your beautiful family!

    Great advice as always, thank you Phil.


  13. I love your thoughts about actions rather than setting empty goals - so very true!

  14. Ahh very well said. I would have waffled on unnecessarily for 1500 words to make the same point lol. It's all about our daily habits!

    1. After years of diligently setting goals and reading them 3 times a day and dully getting nowhere, I knew I needed to do it differently.


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