Worthwhile Money Reads

Hi Folks

Here are some sites and blogs that I read regularly in regards to financial matters.  All of them are very focused on educating the reader on all things financial, be it saving those pennies right through to investing wisely. Whilst the details may not be specific to your home country, the principles are globally true and utterly relevant - enjoy.

Our Christmas tree went up last night - feeling happy.

In no particular order (just click on the heading)

The Mad Fientist

Strong Money Australia

The Barefoot Investor

Mr Money Mustache

The Simple Path To Wealth (I'm currently re-reading his excellent Stock Series)

Aussie Firebug

All About Balance

Think Save Retire . com

My new glasses - 1940's style (my favourite era)

The beauty of all these writers is that they are DOING what they are writing about.  They all generously share the bulk of their content freely and engage enthusiastically with their readers.


Take care folks and stay nice

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Thank you for the list, Phil. I love reading financial blogs.

    1. I guess I should add how thankful and grateful I am that these writers and blogs exist - I can't even imagine the countless years they has taken off my own research time.

  2. Sounds like some interesting reading material. Love the new glasses they suit you well.

  3. Thanks for your as usual sage advice. Nice glasses...the 1940’s an age of real glamour a sad thing we have lost in our rat race era.


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