Who's Behind These Products?

Hi folks!

Do you like the home made Arancini balls in the picture above? With a little patience, anything can be cooked from scratch at a fraction of the broughten price.

So anyway, here is a bit of a quiz:

Question: What do all the things on this list below have in common?

Ben and Jerrys (icecream)
H&R Block (tax agents)
Calvin Klein
Westfield shopping centres
Max Factor cosmetics
Goldman Sachs
TED talks
Many generic pharmacy prescriptions
Stanley Black & Decker (power tools)
Dreamworks (movies)
Sandisk (usb memory sticks)
Max Brenner Chocolate
Power Ranger (action man toys)
Pentium and Celeron (computers)
Disney Company
Estée Lauder
Ralph Lauren
World Trade Centre (Sept 11)
Q-tips (cotton buds)
Levi (jeans)
RSS (web feed)
20th Century Fox (movies)
Carnival Cruise Liners 
Hyatt Hotel
Four Seasons (resorts and hotels)
U-Haul (removal rentals)
Jim Beam (whisky)
Visyboard (cardboard products)
Meriton (hotels/suites)
Bagels (as in bread)

Answer: They're Jewish ....owned and/or founded and/or invented.

A lovely fruit and homemade
 yoghurt breakfast

  Interestingly, the very fact that you probably will not be able to knowingly match a single Jewish name to any one of these things reveals another interesting Jewish wealth principle viz. that Jewish folk promote their product to society not themselves. Of course there are exceptions when the product is themselves e.g. Jewish actors (the list is too long to write here!)

Jews believe in the morality of business. They believe in offering a service or goods to wider society as an act of being able to genuinely fulfill the needs of society. A product well placed in the lives of others is something to be proud of.....and the money earned are just notes of appreciation for the product from those who needed it.

My office....the kitchen table

Incidentally, the list above is rather small (I was just thinking of things Australians would know) - our USA and UK readers would be able to add another 100 products to this list easily.

Take care and stay nice!

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. I didn't know what Arancini balls were, so I googled. :) They sound delicious.

  2. I love arancini balls. Best ever use for leftover risotto - they are all a bit gourmet now but basically they are frugal as:)

    I had no idea that so many initiatives were Jewish. Interesting.

  3. That is a nice attitude to have about money and commerce - that the money is notes of appreciation for the provision of something needed.


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