Twelve Little Pictures

Ms HM Daughter number 4 decided to do a trial Halloween cake - she had some
fun by the looks. Inside was a rich, luscious chocolate cake.

Hi folks

Its still busy, busy, busy here at the new house with unpacking and all.  Here are some random pictures to share with you all of things and goings-on around our new place. Predictably, there are way too many food pictures....ah well.

Ms HM daughter number 3 is a fabulous cook. Here she is
filling cannelloni shells with a lovely Ricotta, spinach and
garlic filling.

We hung our red candle lantern on the trunk of the
Norfolk Island pine. It looks lovely at night when we
dine outside.

Mrs HM bought a pressure cleaner......nothing is safe!

Who knew that we had terracotta coloured pavers out the back!?

A simple meal. Always coat the sausages in flour for a
delightfully delicious outcome

Nothing beats a simple nourishing garden salad

Out the front of our new house. As you can see the gardens
need lots of work, as does the lawn. Can't wait till the
Frangipani and the two Camellias flower.

Caspar the ghost meringue.

Can you see it?  A water dragon. It is nearly a meter long.
Scared the living daylights out of me as I thought it was a
stick! It pranced off all offended.

Ooops - can't seems to rotate the pic of this delicious
apple and blueberry rough pie. It is straight
out of the oven and will be eaten with custard.

Fried chicken. Just makes you feel better about life.

Have a great weekend folks.  I'll be back into writing proper posts soon but hopefully sharing these pictures again today will keep us in touch.

Take care and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. So much lovely homemade food ... makes me hungry! Love the ghost meringues and the cake, very creative. Reminds me I must get ready for the little band of children who go trick or treating in the neighbourhood here. Meg:)

  2. I've never heard of coating sausages in flour! I'll be putting that on the 'too try' list, I'm betting it makes them go nice and crunchy? Oddly enough I just remembered my dad used to coat his homemade rissoles in flour before frying them. I had completely forgotten about that!

  3. These photos make me hungry. :)
    I've never used flour on sausages. Will try it next time. Thanks for the tip, Phil.

  4. Hi Mr HM,
    I love the look of the Apple and blueberry pie, I haven’t ever made a rustic one, it’s looks just delicious. Glad you’re settling in to your new home and it’s so lovely your girls are fabulous cooks, it’s an essential life skill that not many young people take the time to learn. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. I’m enjoying your photo posts Mr HM. Your daughter did a great job with her Halloween cake and love those ghosts.

  6. Loving the food photos Mr.HM. Did you bring your chooks with you?

  7. You have very talented daughters! Everything looks delicious. I made sausages last night and wish I had known about coating them in flour. Will try that next time. What does the flour do?

  8. Love the Halloween cake and who doesn't love a pressure cleaner...I have always borrowed one but however have recently purchased one for myself.

  9. Hi Mr HM, great photos. On the lookout for a pressure cleaner. Would you mind sharing which one your wife bought as it looks very effective. Thanks, Liz

    1. Hi Liz - the pressure cleaner is an Ozito 1300W 1450psi. We just use the plain water function but it has attachments to add soaps and chemicals too as well as several different wands. We bought ours from Bunnings. Here is the link

    2. Thanks Phil. Appreciate the info.

  10. Those little meringue ghosts - so cute! :)


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