Jewish Wealth Wisdom - The Four Rivers

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Hi folks

I have left this post for a while as it is the most profound piece of Jewish wisdom thus far. It is about the the analogy of rivers that flow into the garden of Eden based on one of the very early stories in the Torah. You will also find the story  in the Christian Bible in Genesis 2:10-14 (I'll leave you to read/Google it yourself). The story speaks of the river that flowed out from the idyllic garden of Eden and branched into four separate rivers which watered the whole land. Seeing as geologists are left scratching their heads about the physicality of such a place, it is clear that the main thrust of this story is spiritual. Now, remember in previous posts I have explained that Jewish folks see money and wealth as spiritual, not in the prosperity Gospel sense but simply because it is not physical....coupled with the fact that they believe the Torah holds all the basics of money and wealth management in its code and analogies.  This story is the  most profound piece of Jewish wealth wisdom.

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Here  is the Jewish spiritual meaning of this ancient story:

The meanings of the names of the four rivers approximately mean: 
1. Increase
2. Bursting forth
3. Rapid
4. Fruitful
As well, the context of the placement of these rivers talks about gold, precious stones, precious commodities, reaching to many different lands and nations ..... clearly wealth and diversification.

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OK, so let's get practical here and talk plainly. Jewish folk whilst often specialising in a single area of expertise ALWAYS understand and practice the discipline of multiple income streams.  They have more than one river of wealth happening. What? Are we meant to go out and work four jobs? Nope. Just like the rivers that all flow at the same time, our income streams need to be simultaneously providing us with unique sources of income. Also like the four rivers our income streams need to come from the one source (go back and read the story)....that source is us!  Jewish folk believe that all of us are given many different abilities and talents to be able to generate diverse streams of income simultaneously  - and they do.

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This Jewish wealth wisdom took a while to sink in for me, but then the penny eventually dropped - I needed to stop relying on just my job as a single source of income. 
Just like lack of diversification when investing is risky, so is lack of diversification in income. 
If you have ever lost your job you will know just how utterly risky and devastating having a single source of income is.

Make enough dinner for two nights. Eat one and freeze the other.

Normally I will only blog about things I am doing or have done - this post is an exception. I am right in the middle of unlearning a lifetime of beliefs that demand I have just one source of income and rewire my brain to seeing the huge risk and the utter exhaustion that comes with only having one source of income and expecting it to do everything we need and want it to do. Strangely, all through my life there has been many situations that have shown me that I have the capacity, skills and insight to be able to create other streams (rivers) of income but I always brushed these moments off as my 'crazy' thinking. I always dismissed these emerging opportunities and thoughts with "Oh, I could not make a living out of that".... gosh I'm a bit dim sometimes hey?!.  Anyway, 'spilled milk' I suppose - but the lesson is now in the process of being learnt! Training my brain to fully realise that my good job as my single source of income is actually a significant life risk, is taking its merry time - but it is happening.

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So now I am in the planning and discovery stage, looking at my skills, looking at things I can create and produce that can be marketed to realise a repetitive and diverse income stream. The challenge is to move away from the continually-swapping-my-time-for-money model of working and thinking deeply about what product I can create that will add significant and genuine value to others' lives and can be produced just once but on-sold numerous times.....hmmm.

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Anyway, there are chapters and chapters I could write on this topic but there it is folks - another piece of Jewish wisdom that says that just having a job is the riskiest way to to bring income into our homes and families. Sensible, wise, low risk income must be created by several diverse income least four - just like those ancient rivers.

Take care folks and stay nice. 

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. This is a similar path we have been traveling down too, Phil. As of next year, I will be made redundant from my job as full-time home carer. My youngest starts school. I could use the opportunity to get a paid job, or I could start several income streams which can be done from home.

    I like the latter, because we both still want someone being at home, for the days, the kids get sick. But getting over the mindset, is incredibly difficult. It's funny, I will do anything for my kids, family or some community activities I can commit to - but doing anything for myself (like starting a business) just seems a tad selfish, lol.

    Which doesn't make any sense, really. It's just a psychological illusion, to stop me walking through that door of opportunity. So just know, you're not the only one, finding it a difficult challenge to wrap your noggin around. ;)

    1. Yep - it is a big paradigm shift Chris. I must admit that I'm not through the fog of doubt just yet, however I have made a practical start which I find to be the most effective way of changing my thinking...taking action.

  2. i have not the foggiest notion of what you're talking about here, it was good reading but beyond my understanding.
    on the garden note though, what about some colourful cordylines (spelling) in that shadey spoot?
    great delicious looking looking foods there too! yummy!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Oh cordylines...yes, they are the ones with pink and red leaves. I saw those at Bunnings the other day. Great suggestion Selina.

  3. Excellent post that I will come back to again to absorb more...I work a full time hospital based true passion is folk art...over the years I have sporadically produced small booklets of my designs/doodles and sold them online, I dye wool and create hooked rugs with my designs, I also sell the wool I dye...

    Caring for my patients and giving them a good experience in a bad situation is an excellent reward (besides my income) for doing my job...selling what I create is a different sort of affirmation of my talent, a chance to meet kindred spirits all over the world...earning money from this is a wonderful side benefit...I give away many of my designs for others to use...

    I'm going to need some help with that investing stream though...just can't get my head around how to start...

    1. That investing stream all starts with having something saved to invest. When you have $5000 saved you can make your first investment. One step at a time. But the other streams of income are also more important in many ways. Maybe an income stream lies in leveraging the buying power of huge population in USA.....

  4. A very insightful idea. Now to implement it. What other strengths/talents do I have that I could utilise to generate another income stream - time to put the thinking cap on. What idea's have you come up with Mr Home Maker? I'm curious :) It's always a bit scary to step out into the unknown. Cheers Lyndie

    1. I'm working on my writing skills (?), my music skills, my counselling skills and my debt collection skills (from a previous life) - I'll see where this takes me.

  5. Hi Phil, I am no theologian, but I read this passage, and in fact several passages leading up to it and after it, both Christian and Jewish versions, and it seems odd to me that the story of creation would would leap into symbolism of wealth creation so soon in the bible.

    I am well aware that there are excellent parables further on in the bible dealing with money and wealth, but for me I couldn't draw a connection between the 4 rivers and wealth. I'm not implying the above advice/intepretation is wrong, far from it, I think it's sound advice, it just doesn't gel with the story for me.

    I think you know me enough (from my comments over the years) that I'm not saying this to be inflammatory, I just wanted to express my opinion about it.

    1. Absolutely no offense taken :-) . I am just relaying how Judaism interprets the underlying message as I have been studying their 'take' on things. I'm no theologian either!

  6. Hi Phil,

    How about a restaurant or bed and breakfast? Your food looks delicious and seems to be prepared with love :)


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