I Walked Home From Work

Outside eating area under the Norfolk Island pine tree

Hi dear folk

Well we are all moved into our new house now (leased) and Monday was my first day back at work.  Mrs HM dropped me off at work - a three minute drive from our place - and in the afternoon I walked home. It was a lovely relaxing 25 min stroll and I loved it.  What a revelation living in a house so close to my office. Mr Money Mustache would be proud of me (I'm sure) ..... click HERE to read his thoughts on commuting. So, I will be polishing up the second car for sale and we will be once again back to being a one car family. To add to the charm there is a bus stop right outside our door which the girls use to get to university and college - I can use it to on rainy days as this bus also stops right outside my work too.

Shade gardening - I'm going to have to learn some new skills

Our new place has a creek running at the bottom of the garden and is very shady.  I will have to educate myself on gardening for shade. The current plantings are very subtropical and ornamental although there is a lovely back verandah that gets good sun most of the day as it faces north (we are southern hemisphere). I feel a long line of self-watering veggie boxes coming on. There is a lovely shady paved area up the top of the garden to put our outdoor setting on. It is set under a big Norfolk Island pine tree which will look splendid when we have all our lights draped through the branches.....all ready for big family nosh-ups.

Crispy skin salmon and salad

We are only a 10 min drive from an elderly relative now. We took her a home baked meal last night which she immediately ate with gusto. It got me to thinking about old folk with low mobility and how they often could not be bothered feeding themselves properly because it is just to difficult too get around and make the effort. We'll be keeping a quiet eye on that situation from now on. Old age is not a sin but it sure is no joke either. It is good to be living so much closer so we can be of practical use.

A little magpie awaiting some tid-bits

There are friendly Magpies who fly down and sit on the front porch railing. I fed them some little bits of scrap meat and they loved it.  The HM daughters have reported that they have come back every day now and have warbled their song on the porch until they are fed  - how sweet. Sure beats being swooped!  There are also water dragons living down in the creek which come up  to 'visit' regularly. I have not been able to get a good picture yet as they move so quickly. They look friendly but I'm no so sure.....time will tell. They easily jump off a two story roof line and onto the grass and run off - super agile. We can hear them running across the roof of an afternoon during twilight.

Dudley beach - just 7 minutes away

We also live just seven minutes from the beach.  The HM daughters have already frequented the beach a few times this week as the weather here has been fairly summery. Mrs HM wants to do evening walks on the beach during summer - I won't be saying no.

A mixed roast in the oven smelling fabulous!

Anyway - lots more to tell but this will do for starters.....

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)

Dinner prep.....


  1. It sounds lovely.
    Those water dragons give you a start sometimes, they camouflage so well, you don't even know they are there until they decide to run off, and give you a fright!
    7 minutes to the beach...awesome :)

  2. What a wonderful spot! You won't know yourselves!

  3. You sound very chipper with this new move! So lucky to be close to the beach and work. Wishing the Homemaker family all the best,

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  4. It's fun to move to a new area and discover the locals.

  5. Great that you can walk home from work and unwind before you walk in the front door and being close to your elderly relative is very comforting.

  6. Evening walks along the beach sounds pretty perfect, and will be so enjoyable during the heat of summer.

  7. this was a great move in so many ways...walking to work, close to the beach and best of all the elderly one...I had to move in with my mom to keep an eye on her and it was my best decision ever...thanks for sharing your joy...

  8. Living there must be heaven after those couple of years when you were travelling so much to work, Mr.HM. You sound very happy with the move.

  9. How fantastic that you are only a stroll from work, that you have a creek at the bottom of your garden, have become a one car family, are communing with your maggies, but best of all - you are so close to the beach! How far you have come Phil....you have hand crafted a beautiful life for yourself and your girls. It's been so amazing to watch your journey.

  10. Looks and sounds wonderful. In my experiences water dragons are quite shy. If you corner one it may feel the need to defend itself but they'll mostly flee before they fight.

  11. Congratulations on your new home Mr HM. Looks like the perfect spot for you all. Enjoy.

  12. It's wonderful that you are so close to where you work and on a bus route. You will save so much time. And so close to beach as well. You made the right decision by moving there.

  13. It sounds like you've found a great place, Mr. HM. Lots of benefits ... walking to work, being close to your elderly relative, the bustop, the beach. You seem already very happy there. Meg:)

  14. Sounds lovely! After all the hard work moving it's nice to settle in and learn new things...like planting for the environment you now have. Mr E has been filling the enclosed patio in our new rental with all our potted plants, moving them to get the 'right' amount of sun. We have a beach 3 minutes away (by car) and like you and the lovely Mrs HM we shall be taking evening strolls. Be blessed in your new lodgings!

  15. I've just discovered your blog and I love it! ❤

  16. looks good & sounds promising, nice bit of exercise for your weight loss program there too, & what a very pretty spot you have, those walks in the evenings will be visually pleasing too!
    did you take your chooks with you to the new place? where are they housed?
    thanx for sharing

  17. It sounds like we both have moved house about the same time. It's wonderful you're able to walk to work (that's one of the perks living in our new town...we are a 10 minute walk to most shops/bank/restaurants downtown). It's also wonderful that you're available to a relative that needs extra care. Enjoy seeing photos of your new home and resident magpie, and what a bonus to have a beach so close to your home. Enjoy!

  18. I'm sure the shade will be appreciated, come summer! You have a lovely place there. I couldn't quite tell from the photos, but was it on a sloped block? Have fun with all that walking. It's a great way to de-stress, after a day at work. :)

  19. It sounds like the move has brought many benefits to you all. I hope you enjoy your new house and location :)

  20. Sounds like a lovely place to live Phil, and you sound very happy with the move.

    Wishing you and your family all the best in your new home and surroundings :)



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