Friday Evening Gossip

How's your week been folks?

We've had a busy one and a very busy weekend ahead.  This evening when we got home the HM daughters has already cooked dinner from scratch, had the lamps alight and we ate this delicious meal out in the balmy spring air on the deck - just delightful.

Walked in and sat straight down to this delish meal tonight.

We are off to Walgett NSW at 3:00am in the morning - a road trip of about 7 hours and should arrive at around 10:00am.  The eldest HM daughter is doing her nursing placement out there and we are going up to visit her to see how she is going and to give her some familiar company. It is a small country town on the edge of the outback of Australia..

A rushed chicken curry and rice from scratch

We have decided to move house like we discussed a while back as the pro's truly do outweigh the con's. We have 2 weeks left in this house and still have not found a place to move to yet - but we have an interim plan so we'll be fine. We will save a motza in fuel and will be close to  Mrs HM's aged mother. I might even end up close enough to cycle to work (fingers crossed). This also means we will be certainly going down to one car which is a massive budgetary are just one huge black hole of money-sucking horror.

Cooked with love from scratch

HM daughter #2 was offered ongoing work at the school she has been doing her final placement at. They have been impressed with her skills and offered her the job.  This is a significant win for her....I am just a little bit proud of her, just sayin'! Of course, after my congratulations the next thing I said was her was "Stash away 20% won't you" ..."Yes Pappi, I will" came her smiling reply.

HM daughter #4 has moved her blog across to WordPress and has been extolling its virtues. I wonder if I should too ?? Have any of you done it and can comment on the comparison with authority? Her blog certainly looks much nicer in WordPress.

Fires on the west side of the lake at twilight

There has been lots of bush fires happening around our general Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area lately. The sunsets have been overly dramatically as a result of so much smoke in the air. Either it will be all well burned off before summer, or, it bodes for a long dry summer ahead. We will see.

Well, I am off to pack a small travel bag and get some sleep ready for the big trip tomorrow.

Take care and stay nice folks



  1. Have a safe trip, Mr.HM. It doesn't seem that long since you moved to where you are now. I hope you find somewhere close to your wife's mum as she gets older.

  2. we have fires up here too, what i thought were weird storm clouds turned out to be billowing smoke, today is just as bad with the smoke again, very thick, this wind isn't helping
    lovely sunsets too
    your jewish posts are giving me a headache, i've read them twice now trying to understand it
    have a safe trip
    thanx for sharing

  3. You have such wonderful Daughters, I don't blame you for showing your pride in them. I really hate moving to another house there is so much more involved than we realize, I wish you luck in this endeavor and hope you find a great place soon.

    I started to move my blog over to WordPress and actually have it started but initially I have found that I am more comfortable with blogger, nothing against WordPress it just seems to me that blgger is easier...I may have to look again just for comparison.

  4. Congratulations to daughter #2 and I would be super proud of her too.
    The meal and atmosphere of your dinner all set out is just perfect. I remember you looking for those lamps, they're lovely.
    Have a safe trip.

  5. Wonderful that your daughter has been given work at school where she did her placement. That is a wonderful beginning. There are many graduates who are not so lucky these days. Bushfires up this way too, everything very dry indeed so thankful for the rural fire brigade and the work they do. Enjoy your trip to Walgett! Meg:)

  6. wonderful to be close to aging parents...I was lucky to be renting a house when it came time to move in with my mother, then stayed there when she had to moved to a nursing facility...ended up buying the house from her to pay for her stay and not move again...hoping only to move one more time when I a small house...

    safe travels and congratulations on raising good daughters!

  7. Giving up the 2nd car will make huge savings over the year. How lovely that dinner was cooked for you when you walked in the door.

  8. I tried Wordpress, but found Blogger more amenable to changes and welcoming of people traffic. When I first opened a Wordpress account, they allowed me to comment on other people's WP blogs, using my "blogger" identity. Everyone was familiar with my avatar pic and my name, already. But then WP had a policy change, making it mandatory, if you owned a WP account, you could only comment on another WP blog, with your WP identity.

    When I spoke up about how prejudice that was, they basically told me to take a flying leap. So I don't have a high opinion of WP policies, being in the interests of blog users. To take a crude analogy, they would be the communists of blogland, where as Google are the capitalists. Or Microsoft, versus Linux. They don't force you to only uses their branded products, in order integrate with other platforms. With Blogger, you can still choose which ID you want to comment as, including a WP identity.

    You should also know WP templates are extremely limited on their free selections. If you want a better template for your blog, you have to pay to use a better template. Where as Google only have free templates, which you can alter A LOT more than the free WP blogs.

    I've only used WP's free blogs, but I've heard those who pay for their blog templates for business purposes, are happy with the feedback they receive setting up, and altering their blogs with WP. Which is included in various payment packages So those setting up businesses speak favourably of WP blogs over Google ones. But if you're just after a free blog, extra assistance won't be necessary.

    Just remember, if you sign up for a WP's account, you won't be able to use your Blogger ID, everyone knows you as; to make comments on your own WP blog or other WP blogs. You'll have to start from scratch. Which, if it's not an issue for you, then go for it. But it will also force your commenters who might also have WP accounts, to forgo the Blogger ID's you know them for, if they want to leave comments on your new blog.

    Even though I deleted my WP account, they still made me sign in as a WP user, when I wanted to comment on other WP blogs. The only way I could eliminate that problem, was by setting up a different email address. Honestly, it was a lot of nonsense created for users - and comments are the best part about a blog! But I can never use my Blogger ID, to comment on another WP blog again. That was the price of opening a WP account. Who knows, maybe WP doesn't even allow Blogger ID's anymore, even if you DON'T hold an account with them? It wouldn't surprise me.

    Anyway, congratulations on all the big changes and being able to meet them together, as a family. Go, the cycling!! And have a fun trip away.

    1. Thank you for all of that info, Chris. Do you blog from an iPhone or iPad?

      - Joolz xx

    2. Hi Joolz, I blog only from a personal computer. :)

  9. I hope you enjoy your trip to Walgett.

    Good luck with the move. It is always such a mammoth task isn't it? Wonderful news about daughter number 2's job offer. Very exciting for her.

    I could not find the Wordpress blog of daughter number 4 so I am guessing that the transition is not yet complete?

  10. Your lamp light dinner looks and sounds wonderful. Gotta love it when someone else cooks!

    I have been wondering about swapping to Wordpress and I am finding it increasingly hard to blog on my iPad with any compatible with Blogger. If you care to share how it's done or how easy/hard it is, I'd be very grateful for the info.

    Cheers - Joolz xx


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