A Quick Picture Post

Our first proper dinner at the new house.  The flowers in the background
are for Mrs HM's 50th birthday on Tuesday just gone.

Hi Folks

I'll just let the pictures do the talking this time.....enjoy.

The view off the back verandah down to the gully.
The jasmine on the arbor smells beautiful of an evening.

Chocolate cake baked from scratch hot out of the oven.
Smell it?

The cream was unnecessary .... but decedent.

Our block is terraced and steep - you can see the top of
bunny's hutch on the next level down.  There is a running creek
and gully separating us and the next door neighbour's place

Par-boiled potatoes slowly browning up in lamb fat - yummo

The chiminea and the lamp of an evening

Help yourself folks ...hot browned 'taties, carrots/corn/beans
baked pumpkin and baked sweet potatoes....there is little
twin candle burners under each white dish keeping it all hot.

Mixed pulled roast (steaming hot) ... two gravies and mint sauce

This folks, is what life is all about. It just does not get
better than this. (The Amish Kero' lamps survived the move)

Take care folks and stay nice won't you?!



  1. Belated birthday wishes to Mrs H I have a 50th this year.

  2. Happy birthday Mrs H. Yummo definitely! Are you still on your diet?

  3. Happy Birthday to Mrs H. Life is good my friend.

  4. Tell me more about cooking that pulled roast. It's something like I've never seen before

    1. It is just lamb roast and pork roast cooked in the oven on the same tray with plenty of salt and oil rubbed into the skins then cooked very slowly for about 6 hours. Instead of carving the meat, I use two forks and just tear (pull) the meat. I leave it in the tray it was baked in and slice off the skins and crackling a pop them on top for folks to help them selves. I make gravy with the juices poured off after pulling the meat. Delish x 100

  5. Happy 50th Mrs H.
    Your dinner looks so inviting and that tray of mixed meat with gravy looks so good. Baked sweet potato another favourite.

  6. That looks delicious...the roast dinner and the chocolate cake! I bet the smells wafting through your place while that was baking were delicious. Happy 50th to Mrs. HM, it looks to have been a lovely celebration. Meg:)

  7. Happy Birthday Mrs H. what a lovely party you had x

  8. Happy Birthday Mrs. H!

    That food looks scrumptious. I'm impressed with the meal you prepared for the birthday girl!

  9. Happy birthday Mrs. H. It's good to see that you guys are settling in so well in your new home.

  10. Your new home looks fabulously quirky with loads of character. Good food, family and friends... what better way to celebrate Mrs HM's birthday.

  11. happy belated birthday Mrs HM hope you had a wonderful day!
    looking good
    thanx for sharing

  12. Happy birthday Mrs. HM! It's lovely to see your new home, Phil. The food looks delicious.

  13. Happy belated Birthday Mrs HM. the new home looks great.

  14. Hi Phil, Glad to see things are going well in your neck of the woods. Miss seeing you on the forum. All best wishes, Wendy (aka Emeline)


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