The $500,000 Latte

Yeah right - who would pay half a million dollars for a latte?  Well, as it turns out....many of us.

Most of the folk I work with buy a coffee every day, sometimes two or three depending on the day's stress levels. Not only that, I see whole cross sections of folks walking around with coffees in hand - everyone from students to retirees. Oh, and there are also baby-chinos just to make sure kids are socialised into the coffee community from very young.  Now, don't get me wrong because I love a coffee as much as the next person however when I do the math those coffees simply do not taste as good.

So, I did some math - here tiz:

$5 per day on coffee = $35 per week
$35 per week invested for 45 years of a person's working life would have returned (using a basic 7% return rate and assuming reinvestment of returns) a whopping $575,210.00

How does your latte taste now?

I'll leave ya'll to ponder it.

Take care and stay nice folks


P.S.  Being a recovering consumer addict I can confidently and freely admit to you all that I would have spent this amount on daily habitual purchases just like coffee in my life time - easily...and most probably much more.  


  1. I love this contemplated this before, but seeing it in print....golly...a fab house spent in hot coffee.

  2. It's actually much worse than that Phil, as the cost of coffee will go up over that 45 years!


  3. It is amazing to me that people would spend so much money on coffee when most workplaces supply tea and coffee. At my last workplace there was also a coffee pod machine and staff who wanted to could buy a coffee pod for a dollar. I kept on drinking the free coffee. We don't drink pod coffee at home either, we mostly drink instant coffee and buy our coffee when it is on half price special, so we usually have a stockpile of it.

  4. Coffee and drinks out are expensive, I would rather take a flask on a day out and keep my money. People don't think how all these things add up and how much they could save, yes a treat now and then but daily no thankyou.

  5. Thank goodness I don't drink the stuff ... it's felt very anti-social at times not to have a taste for coffee. Wish I could say the same about chocolate. At least I don't buy that daily or multiple times a day though. Meg;)

  6. In the USA there are drive through starbucks & other coffee chains. It always amazes me there are usually 10 to 15 cars waiting to go through the drive up. Not only money but time wasted waiting is ridiculous.

  7. My plunger coffee at home in the morning, sitting at the breakfast table, in my pyjamas is a lot more appealing to me. I meet two friends every week for a catch-up and I just have my water bottle from home.
    Speaking of baby chinos it really annoys me when I walk past a particular donut shop and their display window is at the kid's level, colourful and each donut is either in the shape of an animal, has lollies etc. It is purely marketed at kids.

  8. I'm a Moccona Indulgence girl. I try and buy it at reduced price and stock pile it. I have at most, 2 cups a day at home and hubby maybe one cup a week (he prefers tea) so a jar lasts quite a while.
    I never buy coffee in our town unless out to lunch and rarely when we visit Adelaide. It is amazing to see how that cost adds up!

  9. Interesting bit of math there Sir, I'm glad that mine is perked at home, Starbucks doesn't look so good now.

  10. wow you could buy a decent house & land for that price!
    i support our coffoee van bloke that comes to our markets & only pruchase the one morning cup (he has really nice coffee too) otherwise i make a plunger of coffee a couple of times a week
    great eye opener post
    thanx for sharing

  11. Wow, just wow!

    And at what cost are all those throw away cups? Definitely not good for the environment!

    I just drink good old plain coffee, from a jar, in my kitchen. About one cup a day, the rest of the time I enjoy a lovely cup of real tea made in a teapot...ahh there is no much better than that. Oh and cake, cant forget homemade cake! :-)


  12. I do buy coffee, but as a treat, not as a regular part of my routine. I am picky about where I buy my coffee as many places you go into there is the smell of bitter burnt coffee. I think I am a coffee snob and like the way I make it at home. Thank goodness for thermal mugs and the good old fashioned thermos.


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