Six Weeks of Being Busy

Minestrone soup and hot cheese scones from scratch for dinner tonight.

Hi folks

Well it has been an eventful month-and-a-half mainly due to settling an elderly relative back into her home after she had a fall in her bathroom breaking her hip. The last four days in particular have been nothing short of frenetic.

We have visited the hospital every day for six weeks and of an evening have been back to her house cleaning, sorting, scrubbing, washing curtains and linen, scrubbing carpet, painting the walls and ceilings, sorting the kitchen, stockpile and linen press, paying incoming bills and accounts as well as running our normal life.

We washed some of our vintage china tonight

Now that she is home (last Wednesday morning) we have had to very quickly organise care alert systems (in case of another fall) and attend to all the last-minute safety recommendations listed by the OHS team from the hospital as well as lining up doctor and specialist's appointments post-confinement. We also had to restock the pantry, reconnect the phone, fix the NBN and organise all the accounts and ensure that she is truly safe and can function with much lower mobility levels. I have also had to hurriedly dismantle the shower screen for easier access too. We have had to purchase and install several mobility aids too.  It can take six to twelve months to bounce back from a hip fracture we are told.

My Associate Director at work kindly allowed me half the week off on unplanned leave to get this sorted - for this I am very grateful.

Baked cauliflower cheese

Old age is not a crime, but it sure is no joke.

So today was our very first day at home all day in nearly seven weeks - pure luxury! We're tired - real tired....but happy that all the ducks are lined up (at least for now).

So if you have been wondering why things have been a bit quiet around these parts - that's why!

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Sorry to here about your relative, it is so easy to break bones as we get older. I love your vintage china, would love to see your collection sometime, I am only just getting started. I did a post about it a few days ago.

  2. What a mammoth task. You've done so many things that will help your relative safely fit back into home, and to do it alongside all your other work, it's a credit to you all. It showed me how important family is to you. Well done.

  3. That is huge. You have set her up beautifully with all the care and time anyone could possibly give. Take care and enjoy being home again.

  4. Sorry to hear about your relative. Your kindness to her in her time of need speaks volumes about you and your family's character. Be kind to yourself for a while now.

  5. Wow, you have been busy! I love your tea cups. I love drinking my tea from the fine little cups, a small pleasure.

  6. That was a very kind thing you did for your relative.

  7. Your relative is so fortunate to have the wonderful support of you and your family. You've earned yourself lots of very good karma points. It's absolutely beautiful to hear of all the effort you have put in to make it possible for him/her to remain in his/her own home. Thank you for sharing with us. :) It's made my day!

  8. Good to see you back Phil, I'm glad to hear they are home sweet home. I'll bet they are happy to come back to a house that is clean, warm and inviting. :)

  9. And this is why having a big family, is useful! Many hands make light work. I bet you were all in there, doing your best to help. My mum has a 95 year old friend. They're a war veteran, and Veteran Affairs helped pay to have a chair-lift installed outside, so he can traverse the stairs. Gets around surprisingly, for a gent of his vintage.

    I find the happier a person is, the more likely they are to recover quicker. And I'm sure all the work you did on your relatives home, will make her feel very happy. :)

  10. As they say there is no place like home.....I'm a home body and love it. Lucky for your relative that you guys are able to take care of everything for them.

  11. It is a blessing to have people like you there to help her out, so many elderly people are on their own and alone when relatives are right there but won't check in on them, my hat is off to you for taking care of her, we need more people like you.

    My wife and I moved a considerable distance to care for her parents, I know what you are doing is not easy but at the same time is something you have no problem taking on.

    You said Old age is not a crime, but it sure is no joke. This is a very true statement my friend.

  12. Your relative is fortunate to have someone who cares to help her out. Many older people are left on their own these days to cope.

  13. Your relative is blessed to have family who care so much, with actions and not just words. Praying she recovers well and you and your wife enjoy some relaxing down time.

  14. I love that china, too. How nice of you to help out your relative. I was able to install the aids, stock up my pantry, and clean my cottage before having both of my hips replaced. In her case, she couldn't. I'm sure your care and help meant the world to her. My 85 year old father stayed with me for three days after the hip surgery, and I will never forget it. It was a huge comfort to have his assistance and company.

    1. Old age is not a sin but it surely is no joke either!

  15. You are good people. It's so great to hear of elderly, sick, disabled or otherwise vulnerable people receiving compassion and the practical help they need.


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