The New Dark Age

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The new dark ages are upon us - but it just does not look like it.  For all intents and purposes it seems like an age of light, knowledge and progress.

The dark ages in history are a loose term applied to Europe post the fall of the Roman Empire.  Europe appeared to fall into a long period of misinformation, subsistence living, unrefined skills, personal drudgery, polarisation of wealth and a regression in meaningful progress.

To be fair - the dark ages did see some amazing art, thought and progress in certain pockets of civilisation - but for the run of-the-mill person...things had regressed significantly from an earlier age in many ways.
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Despite our glittering cities, our ubiquitous technology and our brain-exploding levels of education, we too are now entering into a dark age - a dark age of real life skills. My guess is that we are about 55-60 years into it.

Afternoon tea keeps ones equilibrium in good health.

As the historical dark ages were characterised by certain things, so too is our new dark age viz:
·                     Atrophied knowledge on personal food production
·                     Lost knowledge on self-medication
·                     Complete reliance on systems, super-producers and mega-farms
·                     A monetary system where currency has no intrinsic worth 
·                     Huge shifts from producer-societies to consumer societies
·                     World resources, power and wealth poured into arms and warfare
·                     Massive increase in mental health issues (despite our modern wonder-world)
·                     Slavery to job, careers and a consumer society
·                     Inability to obtain goods and services that last a life-time
·                     No personal access to free or communal water
·                     No personal access to free or communal earth
·                     No personal access to free of communal commodities
·                     Atrophied knowledge on what basic commodities, elements and staples are.
·                     Reliance on off-shore (out-sourced) slavery
·                     Non-existent life-skills on clothing production
·                     Removal of certain basic human skills/knowledge from schooling curricula
·                     Reliance of substances to create enjoyment, peace or calm.
·                     Council laws prohibiting production and growth of food or food producing animals
·                     Products designed to fail and of necessity be repurchased (planned obsolescence)
·                     Retirement funding failure
·                     Housing unaffordable for most without a significant uninterrupted lifetime income.
·                     Synthesized chemicals and compounds replacing real foods
·                     Personal disconnection from land, sea, soil, fire, water, clean air and nature.
·                     Seasons have simply become fashion triggers or personal inconveniences
·                     Being "green" is expensive, dominated by green consumerism.
·                     Full and utter dependence on electricity in all its forms

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Despite the appearance of a thriving modern world, this small list above quickly shows that we are in a dark age - a dark age where our most basic instincts and skills have been stripped, outlawed, socially scorned,  stealthily removed, atrophied and stolen whilst we have been distracted.

We use our pressure cooker nearly every day.

Time to effectively revolt.  Revolt by quietly and stealthily relearning lost skills, amassing real wealth (Real Wealth - see previous post!), educating widely and freely, politely eschewing the offerings of consumerism, remeasuring success with utterly different KPI's, rewarding a completely different set of human behaviours and norms - turning the world upside down without a single shot being fired.

Take care folks

Stay nice!



  1. I think people will be shocked, by how much effort and years it takes, to relearn various skills. We've been attempting to live off the land for 10 years, and we still have a long ways to go, before it feeds us in any meaningful way.

  2. Goodness me Mr.HM when I saw your title I thought you were going to talk about chocolate. LOL! In the area where I live which is surrounded by farms I think most people still have the 'old skills'. Life in the big cities is probably quite different.

  3. Lol, I have to agree about the chocolate Nanna Chel, that was my first thought too!

    I am so glad that I have passed my old fashioned skills onto my children. All are very capable of doing things the old fashioned way. There are many not so lucky though, and in a crisis wouldn't know what to do :)

    Great post Phil!


    1. Hi Tania, I know this is not the right spot... (I hope Phil does not mind) but how do I comment on your blog. What profile do I use? I do not have any sort of account.
      Sorry Phil... great post and very thought provoking. Keep up the great work. Cheers Jo

  4. Goodness me Mr.HM when I saw your title I thought you were going to talk about chocolate. `



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