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Every dollar counts

Hi folks

It has been many years since banks were required to hold the equivalent amount of gold against their paper money - and it has been many more years since coinage was worth in actual metal value what the amount stamped on it declares.  Paper has always only been representative and of no actual value.

Our current banking, investment and monetary system has slowly evolved into a representative system and from thence into a perceived representative system that is so fragile that a fox could knock it over with a nudge of  its nose.

Money is an illusion - an illusion that 'stable' countries believe in.  That illusion crumbles instantly in the face of natural disaster, civil unrest, widespread international unrest, fashion and market fluctuation.

If you have ever been in the following scenarios you will know that money is not real or 'safe' as an end in itself.

·                     A stock market crash
·                     A GFC or depression
·                     A factory built around your family home 
·                     Poisons found in your neighbourhood (extreme case: Chernobyl)
·                     Inflation in your country becomes uncontrolled
·                     A war
·                     A country town with no EFTPOS /  ATM
·                     A bank closure
·                     You contract an incurable disease

Money is only real to the point that we believe it is real and treat it as real - however when we are cold, hungry, wet and sick, money cannot physically help us unless someone else sees value in our money and is prepared to take it in exchange for the thing/s we need to warm, feed, dry or heal ourselves. Pretty risky stuff actually.

Breakfast shared for two.

Even peoples' understanding of what an asset is, can be skewed - An asset is only an asset if it is earning you a usable income or producing you goods and services of a value that exceeds your expenditure on the asset. 

What is Real Wealth?

When the chips are seriously down, real wealth is this:

Total uninhibited ownership or free access to resources that can directly provide:

·                     Surplus and replenishable food sources
·                     Surplus and replenishable water
·                     Surplus and replenishable minerals and compounds
·                     Surplus and replenishable building materials
·                     Surplus and replenishable clothing fibres
·                     Surplus and replenishable fuel
·                     Surplus and sustainable peace and security
·                     Surplus and sustainable shelter and liveable habitats
·                     Sustainable, meaningful community
·                     Knowledge and skills to extract, manufacture, heal, delight and create from these resources.

With this list - we can live full, happy, healthy, celebratory lives with connectivity to the earth and its folk.  

Anything more is just an exhausting meaningless illusion created and fiercely maintained and promoted by consumerists and their addicted devotees.

A lovely harvest of garlic

Take care folks and stay nice.


P.S.  Think critically about who currently owns (or is quietly acquiring) and controls the list in red above......yep.


  1. You are exactly right, Mr. Homemaker!
    *Amish Heart in New Mexico, USA

  2. Excellent points! I can see it coming, too.

  3. Wow, very thought provoking post! I've never looked at things this way. Thank you!

  4. I've thought about this topic - a lot! This is why my partner and I are doing everything in out power to get rid of the mortgage. And nurture along our small orchard and vegetable garden. We want to feel safe and secure, that we have a home and food and no one can take that from us. Seed saving is also important, and I also want bees for pollination and honey, and some more chooks. We would also love to be off-grid, but that comes after the mortgage is paid off.

    You've mentioned community there too, and it's incredibly important. We are fortunate to have made some fantastic friends who we share with - ideas, cups of tea and cake, seeds and plants from our gardens, tools and other resources. I think there are some 'interesting times' ahead for us all so we need to learn all we can about resilience.


  5. Thanks for sharing the information. It is very useful for me . keep sharing. . .


  6. So very true Phil which is why we aim to - and have achieved - a good degree of self reliance in the traditional manner (garden, orchard, skills etc). When we had the earthquakes in NZ you also soon find out community is EVERYTHING - there are no "sole survivors". In our province in so many places we were left with in practical terms "nothing" - no houses, no jobs, no roads, no electricity, no water etc and it always amuses me when people (who haven't been though it) tell me it can't happen - some cataclysm where you will lose everything. We KNOW it can happen in literally SECONDS! And most of us here were completely blindsided by it and thought it would never happen to us! Real wealth comes most of all IMO from your ability to help yourself and from the people around you ...


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