Neo's Red Pill

Very jarring indeed.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill.....the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more

Morpheus to Neo - The Matrix

Oh I love this quote.  It encapsulates everything that I have learned about consumerism and the sinister and hypnotic hold it has on the developed world.

I was once thoroughly plugged into the system - obeying the messages, striving for the illusions of success, handing the hours of my life over to the all-pervading systems of consumerism whilst it fed off my life-energy, my pay packet, my emotions and habits.  

Vinegar mother

The prison of living behind the ubiquitous bar-code is everywhere as are folk committing financial suicide every day with the sharp edge of their credit cards. Consumerism ensures democratic politics is foisted on the masses as a red herring to put us off the scent that the world is actually run by the dictatorship of big business. We are now all drugged and addicted to spending (don't believe me?  See how long you can go without spending on anything but absolute basics and staples) and yet we joke that our addiction is actually 'therapy'....the illogical ramblings of addiction.

We now live in a reality where every single thing is commercialised. There is not a single frontier left that has not been compromised and barrel-rolled by consumerism. I challenge anyone to name one....even our much loved simple living communities are being effectively and aggressively leveraged by bloggers and companies keen to manipulate the movement for it's money and attention.

Diluting hair conditioner

95% of the people I know are fully invested in the cyclic life-commitment of consumerism....despite their verbal protestations.  Admittedly, it's a tough gig to keep commercialism and consumerism as a servant in our lives and not the master. It takes a courageous daily conscious decision to stay the master of our lives in a world infected and intoxicated by consumerism.

So I took the red pill, a little naively perhaps, but I took it nevertheless - even if I return to consumerism  in the future (quelle horreur!) the truth of its sinister code will forever be clearly evident in every part of life and things will never be quite the same.  Taking the red pill has been tough - the withdrawals from consumerism have been like a full-on detox for me, the sobering realities of a life 2/3rd wasted hit me daily like a whack over the back of the head, the sheer terror of so little time left to turn my life around is overwhelming, the initial poverty of life-meaning was frightening enough to nearly make me beg to return to the delirium of the consumerist's sleep-state......shhhh.....enough..... there is hope - in the various communities of simple, frugal, genuine dissidents of consumerism.

A new way to clean for just pennies

The reality is that I am still discovering how deep the rabbit hole goes both in regards to the stealth-juggernaut of consumerism and the deeply abused and damaged internal beliefs systems I still partially hold ....some days the healing is just not quick enough.

At best, I will only ever be a recovering consumerist. 

Fresh eggs - a simple delight

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. When we started thinking about our retirement, how much money would we have each month, which made us think what DO we spend our hard earn't money on. What an eyeopener, we recorded for 3 month's everything we spent, oh my goodness, it just made us turn further from our commercial world to a place we could live a simpler life. We are oh so close to where we want to be, but things again are changing here, soon another step will happen. Life gets better as we are getting older.

  2. Thankyou or your thought provoking writing. I enjoy reading your blog.☺Clare

  3. I guess I am fortunate as my mum always said 'If you can't afford it do without' so I was never tempted to get a credit card not that they were even around when I was young. Paying cash was the way to go back in the day thankfully.

  4. Yes I use a credit card, always paid it off each month, but lately am finding it harder to do . Time to teach myself a little restraint and use cash or do without. It is getting harder to pay bills if you don't have one though.

  5. I believe our species is biologically built to consume, so we will always be consumers. What changed recently, is we stopped being producers. When we stopped that, we stopped appreciating what value we could create for ourselves. So then we started consuming in more unnecessary ways. To the point, there is actually no purpose to consume and we wonder why we do it?

    We are biologically programmed to be consumers though. So we are driven to always feel that way. The only antidote, is the opposing biological construct - to produce something of value. A family, a home and community. :)

    1. Hmmmm, that's real interesting Chris. I'm going to think that over....


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