Monday Night Gossip

Toby-the-dog looking rather fierce and brave.....

It has been a long weekend here in NSW Australia and we have spent it .... painting.  Whilst Mrs HM's biological mum is in hospital with a broken hip (she is doing very well) we have swooped on the opportunity to paint her bedroom, lounge and dining room so it is nice and fresh for her when she returns from rehab. It has not been painted for 30 years, so it's probably due for a freshen up.

As you all probably know, it is the prep and cleaning that take the longest - the painting is the fun part.  We have chosen combinations of Dulux Antique White USA and Dulux Hogs Bristle 1/2 strength and it is looking fabulous. We finished the last coat tonight and all that is left to do is remove the taping, clean and polish all the woodwork, dry clean the carpets, clean and put back all the furniture, polish the furniture, buy new bed linen and lounge room cushions, clean the windows, rehang the washed curtains and then lastly reinstall Mrs HM's mum!  Easy....should be all done by morning tea time tomorrow- ha ha.

Drop sheets and wet paint - that dreadful green paint all gone now.

We have also been dog-sitting her pupper whilst she has been in hospital too. Toby-the-dog has been very well behaved....well mostly. Toby has only barked at the cat 17 trillion times in the last two weeks, chased the chooks endlessly, 'conversed' ceaselessly with the puppers next door, had excited peeing in every room, escaped out of the front gate countless times....(exhale) it's going well.

So that's how we spent our long weekend - gettin' stuff done.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Oh your MIL will be so pleased to see her freshened up home when she gets home! What a lovely treat for her. Want to come here and do some painting when your finished? I have a few litle apprentices that can give you a hand! ;)

    I had a good chuckle at young Toby, he sounds like a nervy little fellow! Aggie is....very....ahem....vocal also. Shw is getting better, I think...


  2. After reading your post, I know why I'm a cat person. MIL will feel so much better going home to your improvements

  3. Your post has me smiling MrHM. Firstly seeing cheeky Toby who seems like he is quite at home and comfortable. Then reading about how you are painting your MIL's is wonderful. I'm very close to my family so these things mean so, so much to me. I would love to see her reaction when she gets home.
    Wishing her all the best with her recovery.

  4. How thoughtful, what a lovely surprise for her when she gets home. We used that exact Dulux colour combo when re repainted our place. It looks very fresh but warm.

  5. That is so nice of you to paint your MIL's house, Mr.HM. I thought it was wet down in NSW so I hope it all dries out alright. When you have finished you can come and paint our house too. LOL!

  6. How very thoughtful doing all the work, I hope your mother in law has a speedy recovery, Toby looks the picture of innocence, sounds like you had your work cut out doggie sitting.

  7. So kind of you to do all this for your MIL while she is recuperating. I too would love to see her reaction when you bring her back home. :)
    Most likely Toby will be happy to be back home too. And he'll have freshly cleaned carpets to pee on! haha

  8. Good on you and regarding Toby - At least he didn't walk through the paint - imagine that...

  9. What a nice thing to do for someone!
    You are so right about painting, ALL the work is in the preparation! I've done it many a time! It always makes me smirk when people say, "I'll just freshen it up with a lick of paint"...and I always think..."And about 2 days of prep!" LOL

  10. That's such a nice thing to do and a coat of paint makes a huge difference.


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