If I Were A Young Man Again

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Hi Folks

Back in the mid 1980's I started off well but then lost my way and became a consumerist.  Coming from frugal stock has made the return to a simpler way of life much easier than having to completely discover it from scratch.....when I am a bit stumped I just have to reflect back a generation or two and remember what used to be done to help me formulate solutions.

Our form of frugality is of course rather different than my forebears as we prudently use technology to assist with our quest for thrift - working smarter rather than harder is important to me too.

This is not a list of regrets but rather a list of things that hindsight has taught me.  If young men or women stumble across this post my wish is for them to be encouraged and motivated:


If I Were A Young Man Again

 1. I would have stuck at my trade (Electrician) and put the effort into gaining confidence.  I see so many successful tradespeople around now living great lives.  Climbing a corporate ladder is not the only pathway to success.

  2. Controversially, I would not have traveled overseas, I would have bought my first house with 50% deposit at aged 20 (I had the money saved and spent it on overseas travel).

 3. I would have never got a credit card (remember the swipey machines with the paper inserts and the carbon copy receipt?)

 4. I would have lived in the moment more instead of continually worrying about the future

 5. I would have sort help for stress and anxiety much earlier

 6. I would have committed to having a specific budget goal first up when Mrs HM and I were married

 7. I would have made better friends - not ones who glorified living on their debts and encouraged me to do the same.

 8. I would have planted a vegetable garden first up and kept it going year by year

 9. I would have moved house 20 times less.

10. I would grow flowers - because they delight me.

The girls holding forth....

There might be something in this list that creates a new thought or shifts a paradigm for you - I hope so.

I have no regrets, that's a futile emotion. I have the last third of my life to do it differently and we are well into that different way of life now.

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. I agree with them all. Number 1 is particularly important. So much money and time is wasted on "higher education" when you can be paid to train in a trade and own your own business eventually!

  2. Good thoughts, and I hope young people do stumble upon them and think seriously about their life choices.

  3. I am glad you don't have regrets, Mr.HM. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I guess we would all do some things a little differently if we had our time over again. I know I would :-)

  4. You have to remember all the things you list above help make who you are today. Our world became so visual and commercial, we were taken along the route, happy with our world most of the time. Because everything techno was growing, our world changed so fast, in about 20/30 years everything was so different. BUT you stopped looked around and said I could have a better life!!

  5. I think most of us feel " I wish we'd done it differently from the start", we have been down that road, but living on less we are so much richer in many ways, we just love simple frugal living.

  6. I'm glad you said you've no regrets. You are lucky to have travelled when you did - Europe seems a pretty scary place right now.

  7. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, sucking it up and no regrets sounds good, at times a little hard to do. Your list is enlightening.

  8. Number 2...I didn't travel overseas when I was young (still haven't)

    We bought a house and almost paid it off instead, then we bought an investment house (we still own it), then we sold the first house and bought a better located house (but not better looking, it's now been renovated)...All this house buying early on has made my later years financially easier, my greatest joy in my whole life was being able to be at home with my children for the first 10 years of raising them, I couldn't have done that if we hadn't put in the hard yards early on, I couldn't have done that if I'd spent our hard earned money on overseas travel.

    Do I wish I'd travelled?...not really...we've travelled Australia extensively (and now with our kids in tow)...that's filled my travel cup, and been a lot cheaper!. I would have regretted not having that time with my children more.


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