Frying-pan Swedish Meatballs

I'm resisting the urge to eat directly from the pan!

Hi folks

Here is the recipe for one of my most favourite comfort foods - Swedish meatballs.

I remember when IKEA first opened up and we ordered Swedish meatballs in their cafe - oh yum!  We have been known to go back just for the meatballs and not even look at the furniture (desperate I know).

Anyway - here is my version and I think you will agree that it tastes better than IKEA's - even if I say so myself.
Frying-pan Swedish Meatballs

This recipe takes three steps:

1. Making the meat balls
2. Making the sauce
3. Cooking the meatballs in the sauce

The Meat Balls:

500 g of pork mince (you can use beef, chicken or lamb too)

1 x cup of SR flour
1 x tsp of salt
1 x tsp of garlic powder
1 x tsp of parsley flakes
1 x tsp of coriander flakes
1 x large egg
1/2 x tsp of pepper

A. Mix all ingredients together very well till smooth

B. Create walnut-sized raw meatballs (you should end up with 25-30 meatballs)
C. Caramelise in fry pan in plenty of lamb fat (do not cook completely - just brown all sides only)
D. Set aside

Lamb dripping - so tasty for frying.

The sauce:

Using the same frying pan and leaving the lamb fat in there....

A. Turn frying pan off
B. Add 1 heaped tablespoon of flour
C. Using a fork, mix flour in thoroughly with lamb fat (no lumps please)
D. Add 400 mils of water
E. Turn on frying pan to medium
F. Stir vigorously with fork till flour thickens
G. Turn off frying pan
H. Add 1 x tablespoon of Vegemite
I.  Add 2 x tablespoons of mild mustard paste
J. Add 1 x tablespoon of honey
K. Add 1 x tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
L. Add 1 x pinch of Turmeric powder
M. Add 500 mils of cream
N. Turn frying pan back on
O. Stir thoroughly (ensuring the Vegemite is completely melted and integrated)
P. Taste test - add salt and pepper to taste

Cooking the meatballs in the sauce:

Leaving your sauce in the frying pan on medium......

A. Add meatballs back in
B. Ladle sauce over the top of the meatballs
C. Pop lid on frying pan
D. Let simmer on medium for 7 minutes
E. Turn meatballs and ladle sauce over them again
F. Pop lid back on frying pan
G. Let simmer for another 7 minutes

Serve hot

Serve with a mashed potato, cous cous or a rice base (serves 6)
Or, serve as just meatballs and sauce (serves 4.....hmmm or maybe 2, or eat the whole lot yourself! hee hee!)

Take care folks and stay nice out there!

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Thankyou for sharing they look delicious I shall be adding to my recipe folder.

  2. Nom nom, Phil. My stepdaughter loves these, she went to Ikea yesterday just for the meatballs. I'll make them next time she visits us. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Oh yum Phil!

    Thank you for posting the recipe for delicious Swedish meatballs! It is now on my list to make this week :)


  4. Thank you for sharing, I think they will be made by the weekend xx

  5. Thanks for the recipe. I will give them a try.


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