Frugal Anti-static Dryer Sponges

Frugal Anti-static Dryer Sponges - sitting handy on top of the dryer.

Hi folks

We try not to use the clothes dryer any more than we absolutely have to. Sun dried clothes are our preference as the sun deals with many germs, uses no electricity, is quiet and calm.
Nevertheless, with 6 people in our house and living on a rainy Australian eastern seaboard, there is time and place to use the dryer.

One of my pet hates about dryers (besides the power bill and the noise) is the extreme static it creates in clothes. Enter DIY anti-static dryer sponges. If you're fancy, you can buy them........of course here at our place, we make our own at a fraction of the cost.

Three simple ingredients: sponges, water, hair conditioner.

Frugal Anti-static Dryer Sponges:
·                     Cut a couple of new dish sponges into quarters
·                     Place the small sponges into a jar
·                     Add equal parts of cheap hair conditioner and warm water

Cut up the sponges, add the conditioner and water.....

To use:
1.            Squeeze out 3 or 4 of the sponges
2.            Put into the dryer with the wet clothes
3.            They will reduce the static and create a nice mild smell
4.            Greatly reduced static in dried clothes!
5.            Simply pop the squares straight back in the jar when the dryer cycle finishes

Sponges soaking up the solution - ready in 3 minutes!

Give it a whirl folks - easy peasey.

Take care and stay nice now!



  1. I use a crunched up ball of aluminum foil to avoid static. A ball can be used many times.

  2. I very rarely use a clothes dryer, only because our weather is usually dry for most of the year, and also we have a wood fire to use if needed.

    However, I think your idea for a static reducer is fantastic and I will pass this info on to anyone who uses a dryer! Pretty simple idea and achievable for most.

    Thank you Phil :)



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