Weight Loss Trick

Some bunting in one of the HM daughter's rooms that took my eye.

Hi folks

I recently have taken some of Mrs HM's advice in regards to weight loss and I am delighted with the result.

Along with cutting out sugar and breads, this extra little trick has really genuinely helped us both with our cravings. Our cravings are mainly what we call being "head hungry". Being head hungry is our way of identifying that, whilst we are not actually physically hungry, we are urgently wanting to eat based on the thoughts that are seizing our minds and triggering a craving to eat.

My new snack food

Mind Eating

Mrs HM has this trick which she refers to as mind eating. Mind eating is simply going through the motions of eating something completely from beginning to end.....but only in your mind. Take cream buns for example - let's do a mind eating session together right now. Read the following instructions and just do them in your mind.

Reach out and take the plump cream bun. Lick the bit of cream and jam oozing out of the side. Run it around your tongue slowly and swallow. Slowly push the bun part way into your mouth and feel the soft sweet dough against your teeth and tongue. Bite down and feel the cream and jam oozing into your mouth and the sugary glaze sticking to your lips. Chew slowly and feel the texture of the bun, cream and jam moving in your mouth. Notice the difference in taste between the glazed top of the bun and the inner soft dough. Swallow. Take another bite and press that cream up onto the roof of your mouth and roll the dough and jam around in your mouth as you chew. Feel the sensation of it filling your gullet and stomach as you chew and swallow. Put the last piece in your mouth  and gobble this piece quickly swallowing hard. Lick your fingers taking care to ensure there is no glaze, cream or jam left on them. Reach out and take another cream bun.

Keep repeating this in your mind until you have genuinely had enough of thinking about cream buns. Your mind has consumed about 1800 calories if you mind-ate three cream buns, but you actually didn't. If you do the exercise mindfully, you will actually taste and feel all the nuances of eating a cream bun and you will eventually get bored and stop willingly when your mind is satiated. The craving actually abates and stops. When the next desire to eat a cream bun arises, just do it all over again.

You can do this for any of your crave/trigger foods - just eat it slowly and decadently in your mind from beginning to end.  As much as you like.

The canister on the left has been sorely neglected of late.

You have no idea just how many cream buns, peanut butter sandwiches, triple layer caramel cakes, scones, lollies, chocolates, cheese cakes and eclairs I have mind-eaten over the last few weeks.....and lost weight.

Give it a shot - if it works for you, then that's a win. Just think of the savings too!

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)


  1. Where has this been all my life!

  2. Many years ago I found a list of snack foods which gave you their details of how long the keep you full, I remember jelly beans came out on top, it was another way of looking at how to loose weight.

  3. Ha ha well I have never heard of mind eating, Mr HM :-) Just giving up sugar should help with the weight loss.

  4. Such a strange idea! But I love it!
    I'll give it a try next time I'm craving something.

    I love the concept of 'eating' and enjoying as many treats as you want without actually eating them. What a great idea Mrs HM!

  5. There are so many types of head hungry aren't there. There is head hungry when you are bored and the head hungry when someone says something that leaves you feeling miffed and comfort food will make you feel better in a jiffy. Eating mind food could certainly help the savings increase.


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