And We're Back.....

Spiralised zucchini with fresh pasta sauce

Well folks...we're back. It is so nice to be back too.

There were oodles of comments waiting to be published on my last mid-holiday post all of which were thoughtful, encouraging and intelligent. Some were out-and-out enthusiastic and some had warnings and concerns - I appreciate every single one of them as they all give Mrs HM and I so much to think about. What a fabulous community!

Cauliflower fried rice - a revelation and
a perfect rice replacement

So, I said I would be back in a couple of weeks but it inevitably took longer to return. After all, I did post about our future plans in the middle of my sabbatical for you all to read - so I feel OK about the longer absence. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - ha!)

Baked veggies - yummo

So I am back working locally and it is truly amazing sleeping in till 6:00 am everyday. The extra sleep has assisted me to lose some more weight (lower cortisol levels with more sleep apparently) and I am feeling much, much brighter and alert. In fact I just feel much better about life in general.

Romertopf lamb shoulders - oh the decadence.
This literally fell off the bones

I spent my two weeks off doing much less than I planned to do - probably a good thing really. One thing that we have really got a handle on is better eating and diet across the whole family. This change mainly consists of actively eschewing sugar and bread....our two-drugs-of-choice previously. The five HM daughters have been enthusiastic in various ways about the changes and the shopping bill has also benefited big time as we actively now purchase very little in the way of processed foods. We expected a big hike-up in food costs by buying so much fresh produce, but the opposite has been true. Delightful really.

Lightly floured deep-fried chicken

I have been chatting to an old friend who is marketing some essential oils and I am keen to test-drive them in my next batch of soap to see if they hold their scent. I have had significant hit and miss with essential oils losing their top notes during the soap curing process in the past, so am keen to see if this line of essential oils stands up to the rigours of soap making....will keep you all posted if successful.

An evening with the oil lamps and wine,
good food and friends

Two of my ISA brown hens have just stopped laying - nothing - zip - zilch.  The rest of the flock are powering on unabated. Perhaps these two need a grease and oil change....or a sharp axe.  I'll do another full hen house clean out and dust on the weekend and see if this does anything. Poor old Blacky's dementia is getting worse and she does a lot of aimless wandering and worried clucking. I am keeping an eye on her to ensure she is at least eating well.

Sunset over the chimney tops of Newcastle

Anyway...there are quite a few posts on the boil including another episode about what Kate did. So these will materialise soon for your enjoyment. In fact I am brimming with stuff to post about - I'll have to pace myself!  Gosh.

A perfect pasta replacement - spiralised zucchini.

Ah - it is good to be back.

Take care and stay nice folks.



  1. That's funny I only thought yesterday what has happened to Mr H. Nice to see you back, looking forward to seeing your thrifty goings on.

  2. Welcome back :) i find that essential oil stays in the soap if you add clay or activated charcoal - they hold the scent better.

  3. So glad you're back! Would you mind posting a pic of your spiralizer? I've tried using a really small one but it seemed too fiddly although I was trying to spiralize carrot. I expect zucchini would be easier. Do you cook the zucchini?

    1. We bought ours from Kmart - we steam the zucchini so it still has structure but is soft enough to chew (al dente?), I'll try and remember to post a pic for you of it in action

  4. Nice to have you back, Mr.HM. Glad to read you had a good break before starting back at work again.

  5. Phew you are back! So pleased to see your blog post show up. Glad to hear you are feeling all refreshed again.


  6. I am pleased to hear that you had a nice break and it is great to have you back. I always feel hungry when I've read one of your posts. The cauliflower fried rice looks interesting and tasty.

  7. Been wondering how you were going Mr HM. Really happy you've had a good break and looking forward to 'What Kate did'. I read your post just before your break and I really enjoyed it. I read parts of it out loud to my husband as well.

    Oh and every time I see your cauliflower rice it reminds me to get onto it. I've had a few times at a cafe and love it. I'm making a chicken curry to go with it.

  8. Lovely to see you back Mr HM:) I always love your photos♥

  9. Yes, I was pleased also to see your name come into my emails this morning. The cauliflower rice, I agree does look good. Will have to try that. About your hens, well Easter is traditionally the time when they molt (not sure of the correct spelling here) and so when they molt they usually go off the lay for a short while. We usually get 11 to 12 eggs each day from our 12 girls however we are down to 7 to 8 just now. They will come good in a couple of weeks though. They are just getting ready for the winter, that's all. Lovely to have you back posting.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your plans for the simple life.
    Blessings Gail.

  10. Welcome back Mr HM, I'm so pleased for you that your work situation is more favourable...a catalyst for change in all areas me thinks :)

  11. Glad to see you back again.
    It's nice to hear you have been taking it easy, getting more sleep and rest, and eating well.

  12. Welcome back! I've been thinking about getting a spiraliser for ages and cauliflower rice is also on my list too. I'd love to see what brand your spiralizer is and how you use it too. My hubby has had a bit of a health challenge lately and one of the things we did (to see if it made any difference) was to cut wheat out of his diet. Among other things, I think it has helped. Meg:)

  13. The lamb shoulders look delicious.

    I am so glad you are now back working closer to home.

    Don and I are planning the installation of chicken house and scratch yard. Still at the early planning stage though.


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