Simple Frugal Weight Loss Update

Fried cauliflower rice - what a delicious revelation. Who knew?!

It has been quite a while since I updated on this matter, but never fear the weight is coming off slowly but surely. Posting every week was sort of boring me, so I stopped. I did not want this blog to become a weight-loss blog.

Baked vegetables with a sprinkling
of beef mince for flavour

I had some initial fast losses, which is pretty normal and then slowed right down.  I have over the last few weeks focused on some other strategies that still honour being frugal yet not succumbing to the often-too-starchy food types available when being frugal (AKA bread! Delicious home made bread that I cannot control myself eating - sigh).

Delicious chicken broth seasoned with white pepper and veggie salt.

Knocking off all bread, eating no sugar and eating the protein portion of my meals first has made a huge difference to how I am actually feeling (weight loss aside).

Soft boiled eggs for breakfast
with a freshly brewed long black.

So I weighed in this morning to see how things were going, just to check that we are still slowly incrementally loosing - here tiz.

Start weight: 120.8 kg
Start BMI: 34
Target weight: 79 kg


Weighing in at 115.5 kg
Lost since last weigh-in: 1.6 kg
Total weight lost: 5.3 kg
Current BMI: 33 (still obese!)

My plan has never been to loose this weight quickly (as nice as that would be) as I do not have the discipline for that. As long as every time I weigh myself it is less than last time - even if that is 100 grams.  Over a period of 5 years incremental, sustainable loss .... the goal will be achieved.  It is a bit like saving money or paying off debt - I just need to be patient and not wish my life away. 

So I'll check in again some time or other folks, and keep you updated.

So take care and stay nice folks.

Mr HM  (Phil)

P.S.  Check this blogger's post out about frugal weight loss HERE


  1. Well done, keep at it. Slow and steady is always better.

  2. Well done Mr HM, I love your slow and steady philosophy, it aligns so perfectly with the simple living life.

  3. Well done. It took me 2 years to lose baby weight, some weeks only 100g at a time. This time is quicker (heart pills causing weight gain), don't know how long though before it starts to go back on due to restarting the blasted pills - sigh!

  4. I have issues with refined white flour, and avoid it most of the time, which means bread is a treat, as is cakes, biscuits etc, I stopped eating them because of skin issues, but I found my digestive system worked much better without flour. Good luck slowly is the best way, change the way you eat and the weight stays off.

  5. Well done Phil, I find if I eat to much bread that causes problems for me I try and avoid it in the week if I can.

  6. Yes Mr.HM I think it is better to lose weight gradually although I did lose it quickly when I gave up sugar not that I did that to lose weight but it was a side effect :-) I know many people who lost heaps of weight quickly only to put it back on again plus more.

    1. That's very encouraging, thank you.
      I have recently given up soft drinks (fizzy) and have learned to love sparkling mineral water. Now fizzy drinks taste awful to me and I'm finding that I'm losing weight without any extra effort.

      I'm also going for slow and sustainable weight loss this time - it took a long time to put on, so I accept that it will take a long time to get it off.

  7. Congratulations on your weight loss Phil, you are doing well.

    It may take a while but it will happen. A loss is a loss no matter how small :)

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Good on you Phil and I like your strategy of taking it slow.

    I only had cauliflower rice for the first time recently and was amazed at just how similar it was to normal rice. I've been meaning to make it for a very long time now.

  9. Good work, Phil! Better to be a tortoise than a hare in the weight loss race.

  10. I found this post very encouraging. Thank you

  11. Thanks for your encouragement folks - more updates when there is something to update on this front.

  12. Good progress. Wonderful to see how you're still travelling. Imagine 5.3kg as blocks of butter. That's a lot of weight to take off.

  13. That s a great way to approach weight loss - any loss is better than a gain! Well done you!

  14. Home made bread is certainly tempting...great effort on your weight loss even losing 2kgs you feel better so 5kgs is great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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