One More Week - Planning

One more week of this view
from my 19th floor corner office window.
So different to my preferred habitat.

Well folks...phew!

Can I start by saying how overwhelmed with surprise I am at the flood of responses I had encouraging me to write a dramatised story series about my Grandmother's life.  I put down 25 yes's thinking that I would probably not get that amount of response, but 70 and counting is just amazing in the extreme.  Heck folks!

There will be an episode every week (for as long as it takes) along with my other normal sporadic postings about frugality, simple living, being Mr HM, chook chasing, feeding the hoards etc. Some episodes will be sad, some will be scandalous, some will be informative, some will be relatable....I know there will be something for everyone as the story unfolds week on week.

Back to the slow art of shirt starching

Now - one more week of working in the city and the whopping two and a half hour commute each way each day.  I have been doing this commute for exactly two years next Friday.  I will be very sad to leave my dedicated and beautifully diverse staff, but I will be happy to be able to sleep in till six o'clock every morning instead of the alarm going off at 4:15am like it does now.  I am very grateful for the immeasurable value this career secondment has added to the understanding of my business, but I will be also grateful to be able to spend 20 hours a week back in my home instead of on a train.

I love the old Gothic script on the organ stops

I have had SO much encouragement from all you folk via various mediums - you will never know how grateful I have been for it. You have all wrapped me up in you collective arms and carried me through many parts of the last two years. I am humbled and grateful.

Cuppa time....

I am looking forward to more gardening, more hen watching, more home cooking, more soap making, more organisation in my home, more care and thought being taken on tasks and chores, more love, more doing things that delight me, more antique reed organ restoration, more music being learnt and played, more cuppa's as the sun comes up, more weight loss happening, more blogging, more stockpiling, more savings toward our goals, more encouragement of others, more community interaction, more time with the wonderful Mrs HM, more time with the five HM daughters....hmmm, I think that might just fill up the 20 hours per week I'm gaining?

Cooking double batches. Eat one
tonight and freeze one for another night.

Onward and upward I say!

Take care folks and stay nice now.

Mr HM (Phil)

The hens have been industrious.


  1. Hooray! The last week! Congratulations for having made it this far Mr HM! Looking forward to hearing your exploits when travel does not have to dominate.

  2. Looking forward to more homemaking tales from you.

  3. It's fantastic to hear that your awful commute times are finally to come to an end! Enjoy your holiday, then your new shorter paid working days. You won't know yourself!

  4. Mr.HM, I am so pleased this is coming to an end for you. I know it has been hard for you at times. I can't imagine doing all that travel each day. Well done!

  5. How exciting, only one week to go! You've waited so long for this and worked so hard, you deserve to live the life you've dreamed of now!

  6. Hi MrHM,

    Just catching up a bit on your blog. Just one more week, the end is in sight.

    I also look forward to your homemaking posts.

    Take care

  7. So pleased that in one more week you will be in a happier place each day

  8. happy to hear this season for you is coming to an end! :)

    Enjoy your 20yrs at home. I reckon you will need a big nap or two once the relief of it all is over. ;)


  9. I don't know how you found the energy to do anything with that commute. Glad to hear you only have a week left. Looking forward to your story telling

  10. One more week and counting down the days. Well done.

  11. Mr.HM, I love your blog! so happy for you 😊

  12. Mr.HM, I love reading your blog! I'm so happy for you 😊

  13. You're almost there, Mr. HM. Just one more week and then you and your home will see a lot more of each other! Meg:)


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