I Nearly Murdered The Family!

Looking all so innocent and delicious - I love fried mushrooms in butter and garlic.

The first cool breeze of Autumn whooshed through the open bedroom window flapping the curtains high into the air letting the early morning sun stream over our bed....what a beautiful way to awaken naturally.  I sat up, looked out the window and smiled to see a nice crop of mushrooms had sprung up overnight.  We have had so much rain recently that mushrooms are inevitable.

Nature's free gift....or not. I wonder why the chooks were
totally uninterested in them?  Hmmmm.

I swung my legs out of bed smiling at the beautiful gift nature had given us....fried mushrooms in butter and garlic for breakfast here we come!

The mushrooms looked ethereal in their unearthly colony on the lawn - they always make me marvel and my imagination always take a little turn for the fantastic when I look at mushrooms.....nevertheless, I filled a lovely wicker basket full and brought them back into the kitchen ready to start cooking.  "Can I have look at them first?!" came a voice from our bedroom.  Mrs HM is pretty fussy about wild foods and always likes to inspect first.

"They're poison" Mrs HM stated bluntly. "They have a green hue and white gills - don't eat them" she reinforced.  "Are you sure....?" said I, to which I got 'the look'.

A day later - the poisonous green hue developed.
Death on a stick.

Intrigued, I did a little research and sure as eggs there was a pretty good chance that these mushrooms were indeed highly poisonous.....gosh!  I very nearly murdered the family - phew.

Very fungi indeed! I need to be much more careful next time as making errors like this does not leave mushroom for error.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Mr.HM I would NEVER eat mushrooms growing around the place. You have to be so careful and thankfully your wife saved you from a prison sentence :-) LOL!

    1. Ha ha - you know, as a kid we always used to pick mushrooms from the paddocks. They were huge ones with dark brown fleshy gills. We used to tap them before picking them so the spores would drop out and you would get another crop of mushrooms.....so I just was following suit. Luckily someone has both feet nailed to the ground!

  2. Oh, boy, you nearly committed a felony there, Mr. HM. Lucky Mrs. HM knows her mushrooms. Not very fungi indeed!!

  3. I'd be too scared eating self foraged mushrooms :)

  4. Whoops! I'd only eat them if they were pink or brown underneath. Lucky you had Mrs HM looking out!

  5. They smell different too......

  6. Here is another interesting link for you

    Like you, as a child, we always picked field mushrooms, now I don't.

  7. What a fun-guy you are to have around. ;) Glad you're all well. :)

  8. Glad yourself and family are still with us, I would stick to the supermarket.

  9. Narrowly averted disaster there!
    Didn't you buy a grow-your-own kit a few months back? Was that successful at all?


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